Jun 22, 2010

"Fashion Meat" Sukiyaki - Taiwan Taipei

10 more days till I'm back to California,
I miss the sunshine already,
It's like monsoon season in Taiwan, hot and humid.
Oh! did I even mention the non-stop rain?

So what can I do besides getting stuck at home?
How about getting stuck at a restaurant? Sounds merrier (or fatter)?

潮肉壽喜燒 (Fashion Meat Sukiyaki or Tsao Ruo Sukiyaki) -

"潮" pronounces as "tsao," contains different meanings such as tides or fashionable,
As for a restaurant, the meaning should be fashionable.
"肉" pronounces as "ruo," means meat.

One question first,
Have you ever had sukiyaki?
Basically it's a little bit similar to shabu shabu, 
However, instead of clear soup base,
Sukiyaki uses soy sauce based seasonings and either hot water or tea for the soup base.

For dipping sauce, simply take a fresh egg and break it into a small bowl -

Once the thinly sliced beef has been cooked in the pot,
Just dip it with beaten egg and enjoy it immediately.

Sounds weird?
Japanese use a lot of raw eggs in their dishes,
Same thing applies to Europeans,
So if you get a chance in the future, just be brave and give it a try,
Raw egg yolk is the best!

Beef and pork slices -

This place also provides Angus beef (not in the picture),
The service is awesome,
Waiter/waitress will stop by the table and start teaching customers how to prepare the meat properly -

There're some delicious items created by the restaurants,
Such as cheesy beef roll:
Simply make a beef roll with Parmesan cheese wrapped in the center,
Transfer to the soup base and cook till the meat is done,
Take it out, sprinkle with some coarse black pepper, one yummy dish is done!

Or just cook the meat and sprinkle with some wasabi powder, mustard powder, and Shichimi Togarashi powder,
You'll get various flavors popping inside your mouth.

I'll never feel full by eating meat only, call me a carb person,
So clear rice noodles is a must for me when eating sukiyaki (bottom left) -

(You can tell how messy my table was, one messy eater!)

Chicken thighs -

Stewed beef with potatoes -

This was not cooked with the soup base,
But it was on the menu and I love stewed potatoes...
So...so...even though I was super full...I still ordered this dish...

Dessert time! (Oops, that's my friend in the background) -

The waiter removed the pot and brought over an iron net for the dessert,
It's mochi time!
They slowly cook the rice cake till it turns fluffy and slightly burned on the edges,
You can either eat it as the way it is,
Or dip the rice cake with condensed milk and some peanut powder,
"Or" you can put sweetened red bean or ice cream inside the rice cake,
It's DIY, do-it-yourself dessert time!

Tsao Ruo Sukiyaki is an all-you-can-eat place,
Besides meat items, it also covers vegetables, salads, seafood, small cooked dishes, soups, soft drinks, and ice creams,
So all these food plus table-side service, only costs about $15 U.S. during lunch hours,
What a bargain huh?

Cindy's Rating: 7

潮肉壽喜燒 "Fashion Meat" Sukiyaki or "Tsao Ruo" Sukiyaki台北市大安區東豐街41號1樓

1st Floor, Number 41, Don Fun Street, Da En Area, Taipei, Taiwan


  1. Tell me about the heat and humidity then the sudden pour of rain! Sukiyaki should be enjoyed in California weather, isn't it?

  2. To Tigerfish~
    You're right! Too bad there aren't enough sukiyaki restaurants around Southern Cali, maybe I should open one!