Feb 20, 2011

Chinese Lantern Festival Pictures from Taiwan, Taipei

It was Chinese Lantern Festival few days ago,
You can refer to our all mighty "Wikipedia" for the history background,
But now, let me share some holiday mood with these pictures.

Exhibition site is located close to Taipei 101, Taipei City Hall, and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall -

You can see light decorations everywhere along the streets and plazas -

Some temples also have stands at the lantern exhibition site,
They offer free wish cards, where you can write your name and most importantly, your wishes on the card,
You can tie your wishes under the lantern after infusing the incense smoke with the cards.

I believe the wish cards will outweigh the lanterns as more and more people visiting the site -

Taipei City Hall -

Animal themed decor -

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall -

Main light/lantern, front -

Main light/lantern, bunny butt -

Crazy looking chicken -

Rabbit holding Chinese soup dumplings! -

Based on 12 Chinese horoscopes,
This is the year of rabbit, which explains many of the rabbit themed lanterns here -

Mad tiger attacking Taipei 101,
*Tiger was the horoscope for last year, I guess there's some jealousy going on here -

So our heroic rabbit came to the rescue -

Fat koi -

Rabbit enjoying "torturing" all other horoscope animals,
I say, wait till next year and it'll be rabbit's turn to suffer! -

Even Taipei 101 has cute rabbit light on -

Other not so rabbit related lanterns -

This must got the idea from that whale movie -

Below is my favorite, character from a Japanese comic book -

That's about it for now,
Happy belated Chinese Lantern Festival!


  1. To afunkyplace~
    Glad you like it! Hope these pictures will take you through the journey of Chinese Lantern Festival!

  2. Wow, what cute pics. Hurry back to Irvine!

  3. Wow, figures that Taipei would flare up CNY with glamor and fun!

  4. Wow, this is so cool! Only if more places did such large festivals. The rabbits are so funny.

  5. To Sophia Lee~
    Ha Only Asian Countries can be so glamorous during Chinese holidays! Thanks for visiting!

    To EatTravelEat~
    I love the last picture, the character from Japanese comic book! (That's a reindeer!)