Feb 9, 2011

Egg Wrap with Chinese Pork Floss - 肉鬆蛋餅

Egg wrap is one of the Chinese traditional breakfast items,
Usually you can find the wrap in Chinese grocery store, maybe around frozen food isles,
If not, you can always substitute with Mexican soft tortilla shells,
Well, there's one other way - make it yourself,
But since my lazy mode is on, we'll save that for later ( ^ _.< )b

Ingredients (for one)?

1 Chinese flour wrap or soft tortilla shell
2 eggs
Some Chinese pork floss
Some toasted sesame seeds
Some olive oil
Some salt
Some freshly ground black pepper
Optional: soy sauce


Drizzle just enough oil to evenly coat the surface of the pan, turn to high heat,
Add in the wrap or tortilla shell,
Cook till one of the sides turn slightly brown then remove the wrap for later use.

Here's the premade frozen wrap I got from the grocery store -

Add in more oil or butter, bring to high heat,
Beat 2 eggs together with a small pinch of salt and pepper,
Pour the beaten eggs onto the pan,
You can also add some chopped scallion to the egg mixture to bring up the aroma,
But my premade wrap actually comes with scallion inside, so I omitted this step.

Cook the egg till 60% doneness,
Evenly sprinkle some Chinese pork floss and toasted sesame seeds.

Now take the pre-seared wrap and put it on top of the pork floss,
Remember, the already seared side down,
Use a spatula to press down the whole thing,
The semi-cooked egg will help binding all the ingredients together.

Carefully flip the whole thing so the other side of the wrap can be cooked,
The dish is ready when the color of the wrap turns slightly brown.

Starting from the edge and fold the round shaped wrap into a tube shaped wrap,
Well, just like a burrito!

Cut into small pieces,
You can even drizzle some soy sauce to add some moisture to the dish,
Especially for tortilla shell since it tends to be dryer compared to Asian wrap.

I usually add some cheese on top of the eggs during the cooking process,
Unfortunately there was no cheese in sight,
Otherwise it'll taste even better,
Of course, everything tastes better with cheese!

Cindy's Rating: 7


  1. I remember eating that for breakfast in Taiwan, with a bowl of 豆浆!

  2. To Tigerfish~
    Surprisingly I haven't went to any traditional Chinese breakfast place, maybe it's time to get away from my home!