Feb 15, 2011

Ponkan (Chinese Honey Orange) Marmalade

Happy Be-lated Valentine's Day!
Since it's such a sweet holiday, let's make something sugary~!

Pokan (Chinese honey orange marmalade) -


7 Pokan (small tangerine works too)
1 small lemon or lime
1/3 cup of granulated sugar


Pokan is similar to tangerine; however, the taste is definitely on the sweet side -

Thoroughly wash the pokan and lemon/lime.
Zest the lime, cut it in half then set aside for later use -

Peel all the pokan,
Remove as much white pith and membrane as possible,
Also remove the seeds,
Toss everything into a flat surfaced pot -

Remove excess juice if needed since pokan can get quite juicy sometimes,
Also give it a quick taste, it'll help in judging how much sugar we need for the mixture.

Turn to medium high heat till boiling, then lower the heat a bit,
About 10 minutes, add the lime zest and all the juices from that lime,
Pour in about 1/4 to 1 cup of sugar and cook till fully dissolved.

Just keep simmering the whole thing till desired thickness,
It should be more runny than regular jam but still spreadable on a piece of bread.

Once done, refrigerate for at least couple hours for the mixture to cool down,
You can preserve the marmalade in a jar,
But do remember to properly sterilize the jar before use,
Otherwise try to finish the marmalade in few days!

Once again, happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone!

Cindy's Rating: 7


  1. Ingenious twist to the boring orange marmalade!

  2. To Tigerfish~
    Thank you so much! You made that cauliflower so yummy too!

  3. Ms cindy lo how many days ponkan marmalade last ?

    1. You can just call me Cindy~!
      One week for sure, two weeks depending on storage condition. Make sure not to let it touch any uncooked water in case of bacteria contamination~!