Jan 10, 2008

CJ7 - 長江七號

Sorry to disappoint you if you think CJ7 is some kind of cocktail,
There's no recipe today for my blog entry,
Only my own babbling,
Babbling about this Hong Kong movie that I've been waiting for ages.


Directed by Steven Chow,
You should know who he is right?
The guy that raided the box office across the continents by God of Cookery, Shaolin Soccer, and Kung Fu Hustle.
He is also the guy that brought tears (because it's too FUNNY) and laughter into each and every Asian families.

CJ7 combines sci-fi with comedy,
The basic storyline evolves around Steven Chow (father) and his son,
And their encounter with a mysterious creature from outer space.
*I don't wanna talk too much about the story yet, go see it yourself!

One thing about Hong Kong movie is that sometimes besides using Cantonese language,
They also edit a Chinese version for other Asia markets.
I do highly recommend watching this movie in Cantonese,
It's way funnier,
Even if you don't understand it,
At least watch it with Chinese subtitles or English subtitles.
It's awesome!

Here's a trailer I got from YouTube, please enjoy-
(For trailer with English subtitles, please click on the international website link below)

CJ7 is currently scheduled to release on January 31st in USA (limited),I'll see you there in the movie theater!

International Official Website (Chinese pronunciation with English subtitles)

IMDB Website


  1. omg what language will it be in the US? cantonese or mandarin?

  2. To anonymous~
    I watched it last week,
    It was in Mamdarin,
    It wasn't as good as I thought tho.