Jan 6, 2008

Yi-Mei Deli 義美豆漿點心

This is probably my favorite breakfast joint in Southern California.
I always swing by Yi-Mei before my snowboarding trip,
Fill up my stomach with all kinds of delicious Taiwanese style dishes,
Making sure that I'll have lots of energy on the mountains throughout the day!

And I'm not the only person who's in love of Yi-Mei,
Look at the line inside the restaurant,
Sometimes it goes all the way out to the parking lot-

Can you see that person with newspaper?
Some elderly Chinese people like to read newspapers while eating breakfast.
Just like we kids like to watch TV during dinner time.
Fair game.

Egg Pancake 蛋餅-

Must have!
There are many version of egg pancakes in Taiwan,
Egg pancakes with cheese,
Egg pancakes with ham,
Egg pancakes with corn, so on and on.
Yi-Mei has the most traditional kind,
Beat few eggs together with chopped scallion and few pinches of salt first,
Drizzle some oil in a sizzling hot pan, toss in the egg mixture,
Simply top the semi-cooked egg mixture with flour pancake and cook for about another minute,
Roll them up and serve with garlic soy sauce and chili paste.

The pancake we used here is like a hybrid between French crepes and Mexican tortillas.
More chewy than crepes, and softer than tortillas.

I should make egg pancakes with cheese sometime and post the recipe here.

Cindy's Rating: 8

Rice Balls with Pork Flakes 肉鬆飯糰-

Made with glutinous rice,
It's more chewy than regular white rice and fills you up quicker too.
Usually they use pork flakes, fried flour roll, and some vegetables for the filling,
There is also a sweet version of rice ball too,
Which the fillings might be consist of red bean paste, peanuts, and granulated sugar.
How does it tastes?
I never order it, so far not a big fan of eating sweet things with rice.

Cindy's Rating: 7

Steamed Pork Dumplings 小籠包-

Served with white vinegar and fresh ginger slices.
Be careful while eating it,
The juice from the filling might splash out right after you bite into the dumplings.

Cindy's Rating: 7

Wanna try some authentic Taiwanese style breakfast items?
Come to Yi-Mei, you won't be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 8
Yi-Mei Deli 義美豆漿點心
18414 East Colima Road #I
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 854-9246


  1. Is that 'siu mai?'(the pork dumplings)I dont eat pork but I am a prawn dumpling's big fan. It s a nice concept of Asian coffee shop -in California!

  2. To Azazura~
    Oh the ones I ate is Xiao Long Bao.
    I think the easiest way to differentiate Siu Mai and Xiao Long Bao is that:
    Siu Mai has open top, you can see the fillings directly.
    Which Xiao Long Bao has close top, you see nothing but the skin.

  3. I love rice + pork floss (is that the right English word for it??)

    In fact I think I might just make a batch - haven't made it before.

  4. To Steamy Kitchen~
    You gonna make those?
    Ahh can I have some please!

  5. you know.. i tried to go to the one in monterey park.. same name but dunno if its the same. anywayz. it was damn packed -_-... i couldnt even find parking space there...


  6. To Rach~
    Yeah I would never thought that people do wake up so early for breakfast..

  7. this place sounds wonderful! can't wait to try it out when i move to LA later this year :-)

  8. To Cathy~
    Yeah try it out,
    By the way,
    Where are you now?

  9. I know Yi-mei. Can always find their dumplings and buns in the frozen section in the Asian supermarkets in CA. :)

    Now there is even an eatery by Yi-Mei. Wow! You must be happy! There is a 豆漿 shop near my place now in central Taiwan. There are so many items to try for breakfast - egg pancakes included. And the best part- they are opened 24H!

  10. To tigerfish~
    Haha don't tell me it's in 永和!?