Jan 13, 2008

Pan-Seared Pork with Black Vinegar Sauce

I think I'm gradually falling sick here.
Every time I try to swallow my saliva,
My throat hurts.
I also feel hot,
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm cute or something,
Hot, by all means, my forehead is burning,
There's no doubt that I can make a sunny side up egg on my forehead now,
I got the heat, and I got the oil.

Usually I cook on Sundays so I'll have enough food to last me through out the week,
Unfortunately (maybe luckily),
My picky palate refused to let my body rest.
Instead of resting on the bed, eating frozen food for the next few days,
I decided to drag myself to the supermarket and step into the kitchen,
I don't wanna eat frozen food, no nO NO!

I did find a way to compromise this situation,
Making something simple and nutritious,
So I don't need to use up all my leftover energies in the kitchen,
Sending the frozen food back to the freezer with my smiley face.

Pan-Seared Pork with Black Vinegar Sauce


2 lbs of boneless pork loin (cut into large pieces)
Freshly ground black pepper
4 garlic cloves (peeled)
Extra virgin olive oil
Soy sauce

Black vinegar sauce:
6 stalks of scallion (chopped)
1/2 tablespoons of ginger (grated)
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of black vinegar
4 tablespoons of water


First we marinate the pork with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of mirin, and some ground pepper,
"Massage" the meat till fully covered with the sauce,
About 20 minutes.

Prepare a plate with about 1/2 cup of flour,
Coats every pork pieces evenly with the flour,
Set aside.

Drizzle some olive oil in the pan and toss in the garlic cloves,
When the garlic is slightly burned on the sides, toss in the pork pieces.
Cook till slightly browned on each sides,
Meanwhile, lets lay the paper towel on a plate.
Transfer the pork to the plate, let the paper towel absorb some excess oil.
Pick out the garlic and toss them away.

After absorbing the oil, transfer the pork to another plate,
Mix all ingredients together for the black vinegar sauce,
Drizzle on top of the pork pieces.

This dish is done, please enjoy it with hot steamy rice.

Black Vinegar contains a large amount of amino acid,
Which helps to boost up my immune system.
I shall munch on this dish for the next few days,
I can't be sick,
I wanna go snowboard!

Cindy's Rating: 7
Cindy's Friend's Rating: 8.2


  1. That looks good! I don't know where I'd ever find black vinegar, though. :-/

    Sounds like you are really sick. No snowboarding for you.

  2. To manggy~
    Yeah, I went snowboarding on Saturday then I got sick on Sunday..
    Just wish I can get well soon so I can go snowboard again!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    This looks very tasty! Next time I go to the market I'm going to check if we have black vinegar in Hawaii.

  4. To Lori~
    Yeah shouldn't be that hard to find in Hawaii,
    Let me know how it goes!