Feb 24, 2008

The Cannery - Good Service and Awesome Food

3 hours and 30 minutes flight from Minnesota to California,
My host parents arrived in Orange County last Wednesday.

Host parents?
Let me give you a brief explanation of my life here,
I was a little high school girl in Taiwan,
One day I decided to apply for a study abroad program,
That means spending the next one year somewhere in America with a host family.
It wasn't a hard decision to make,
My parents asked me if I wanna do that,
I probably thought about it for 5 minutes, then I nodded my head.
I ended up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes.
Spent a wonderful year with my lovely host mom, host dad, one younger brother, one younger sister, and other charming family members.
After that year,
I have another family from another continent.

Enough said,
I finally got to see them on Friday night,
Took them out for a nice dinner at The Cannery in Newport Beach.

Their unique jelly fish lighting in the waiting area-

Looking out-

The hostess gave us a patio table,
Where you can enjoy the freshest seafood and oversee the ocean at the same time.

Menu in the dark-

The candle wasn't bright enough for us to figure out the menu,
So our waitress brought us a pocket light,
These little lights do come in handy sometimes.
Me being so clumsy, I broke her light by accidentally dropping it on the floor,
I'm on a mission of finding a new pocket light for her.

Assorted sushi platter-

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, and crab meat maki,
I didn't get a taste of every single sushi,
But my yellowtail was very fresh,
It melted in my mouth, so good!

Seared ahi with watercress and mashed potatoes-

It's not the name from the menu,
I couldn't remember the exact name for this dish.
Either way, that's not important,
The important thing is, it was so delicious!
Especially the mashed potatoes,
It was creamy, smooth, and with a hint of wasabi,
Yes you hear me, wasabi!
I'm officially in love with their mashed potatoes.

We also ordered sea bass and lamb shanks,
The pictures didn't turn out well,
It was too hard to take a good quality photo in the dark,
Plus there were so many things I needed to catch up with my host parents,
No time for pictures!

While waiting for our desserts-

Took a picture of our tiny orchid on the talbe.
White chocolate cream tart with banana-

The dessert was good, but not outstanding,
The Cannery is famous for their seafood, so no complaints here.
We also had chocolate molten cake,
It was very chocolaty.

So I started out my "reunion" with a good old dinner,
Everything went well,
My host parents love the food, and so do I.
My host dad said that he'll definitely come back and dine here,
Me too!

Overall Rating: 8

The Cannery
3010 Lafayette Road
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 566-0060


  1. ohhhh where they staying now?


  2. To Rachel~
    They just flied back to Minnesota on Sunday morning,
    But they stayed in Balboa club for the past few days.
    I miss them already..