Feb 20, 2008

New Capital Seafood Restaurant 半島海鮮酒家

I had an appointment with my tax lady last weekend in Rowland Heights,
After 30 minutes consultation about how to file tax return,
I've never filed any tax returns before,
Not mentioning my current visa status which makes the whole process even harder.
I ought to seek out some food to sooth my stressful mind.
*Fine, it's just my excuse, I was HUNGRY!

I ended up in Diamond Plaza, where the tea place is at,
I developed a habit of having a cup of boba tea after my meal over time.
There was a big time tug-of-war in my head,
I couldn't decide whether I should go to Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu,
Or the dim sum place I've never tried before on the second floor.

Stomach growling,
I rushed upstairs, trying to take a sneak peak of the restaurant first.
At the waiting section,
Me: Hello, we have two people here, how long is the wait?
Lady: No no wait, come with me.
She quickly grabbed the menu and disappeared among the crowds...
I was just checking this place out....
I was too weak to turn around, sorry shabu shabu, this lady is too powerful,
I surrendered.

Pretty cheap for dim sum,
I guess coming here during weekdays is not a bad idea,
*Only if the food is good enough for returning business.

Ladies with Dim Sum Carts-

That's how they serve their food in a dim sum eatery,
Ladies pushing the carts around with different kinds of small dishes,
You can stop them anytime and pick the ones you want.
Most of the ladies we talked to are pretty nice,
But there was a bad one.
I was asking what she has in the cart,
After the lady "put so much efforts" telling me about the dishes, I ordered nothing,
Immediately, I saw a shitty face.
Forget about the shitty face,
Let's talk about food.
Pork and Vegetables Wrapped in Fried Tofu Skin-

I always order this dish in a dim sum place,
I think the combination of crunchy skin and smooth gravy is like heaven!


I really don't know how to translate this one,
To be honest,
I just don't want to scare you guys away if I type out the name,
This dish has almost everything that a quite amount of people doesn't dare to eat,
Radish (so far so good)
Ox liver (ew...)
Ox tripe (please stop...!)
And who knows what else was in it.
But it doesn't matter,
I'm standing tall here and unafraid to announce that "I LOVE IT!"

We also ordered Portuguese egg tart, sesame balls, shrimp dumplings, steamed rice rolls with shrimp, and beef balls.
Didn't take good pictures of them,
Please use your imagination first, I'll come back with more quality pictures later.

As we left the restaurant with giant stomach sticking out of our pants,
I saw these-

I have to say that it's disgusting (to me),
So many fish crowding together in this limited space,
At first I couldn't even tell if they're dead or alive,
So glad that I didn't order any fish dishes.
Feeling bad for the semi-dead fish,
I turned to the stair way,
There were more than 5 waiters scattering around, sitting on the floor, smoking, chatting,
Not a pleasant scene.

I think I won't come back to this restaurant in the near future.

Overall Rating: 4
*But a few ladies with the carts were really nice, they contributed at least 2 points here.

New Capital Seafood Restaurant 半島海鮮酒家
1330 South Fullerton Road #207
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 581-9813


  1. Yay, i don't like to see those fish tanks packed with fishy. I wouldn't order fish either from these kind of place.

  2. To Zen Chef~
    I always try to avoid ordering fish dishes in places like that,
    I don't feel "safe" to eat it!

  3. that fish is certainly a delicious looking fish.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts and observations here. I'm always interested in getting the 411 from a fellow food blogger :)

  5. This place has the worst service EVER! Our family has been coming here for the past ten years, but we will never return again. After our family finished eat dim sum my Mom ordered some dim sum to go, and after 20 min (the place wasn't busy) we asked the waiter what was going on. He said he placed the order and gave it to someone else. It seemed the person made a mistake and was a new worker, but what was furious was after we complained, he turned around and we overheard the remark while telling his coworker, "crazy", in Cantonese. I'm Taiwanese and Cantonese, and as a customer, if you heard a waiter worker calling you or your family member crazy in their native language, with the waiter thinking we didn't hear or understand what he said, you would have been FURIOUS and deeply upset at such uneducated and despicable rudeness. Nobody should say such an insulting word, it's considered verbal abuse and we can sue just for how we were treated. Many of the workers over there have bad attitude. Earlier before the incident I asked a lady, is that Congee? And she replied, "Does that LOOK like congee?!", with a nasty Attitude. Then she just left. We were good paying customers but today was the last straw. The managers didn't care after we complained, we don't deserve to be treated like this and will never go to this place again. Their crappy attitude made the food taste like crap. They should learn how American franchises and restaurants train and treat their customers. If I can give a 0 rating I would, they don't even deserve any stars. There are many other dim sum restaurants nearby that have good customer service and good food and I don't care if I pay for more elsewhere. They have 0 customer service as in ZERO. I eat out a lot and this is the worst restaurant ever. Customers Beware, food may be cheap but so is their service. It's an embarrassing disgrace.

  6. To David,

    This is such an old post from me (back in 2008). After reading your comment, I looked back to the rating I gave them, it was 4, not very high either. I'm not even sure if this place is still open but hopefully they did improve over time, it's been 4 years!