Feb 2, 2008

Lu's Garden Restaurant - 小陸子清粥店

I was sick for the past two weeks,
Stuffed nose, endless phlegm, no voice, you name it (still awesome appetite though).
After taking anti-biotic, I can finally announce that I am fully recovered,
But I wonder if it's truly the reason why I can sing again with my scary high pitch voice,
Because my friend is sick now,
I have a feeling that I just passed along my virus to him...
Sorryyyyyyyy >_<.
So upon my sick friend's request,
We've decided to eat porridge.
By all means,
He was using his body language pointing at the restaurant while we drove pass by it,
No voice for him.

Inside the Restaurant-

The smiley figure in the picture is Maitreya Buddha,
It's a pretty common display in a Taiwanese restaurant,
Just like Japanese restaurants, which you can find maneki neko most of the time.
*maneki neko, cats that call for fortune and luck.

Sweet Potato Porridge-

My mom told me this when I was little,
People back then were very poor, only a few can afford eating rice at home,
In order to feel full,
They came up with an ultimate solution.
They put more water while cooking a small amount of rice,
In addition, they added sweet potatoes because it's abundant and cheap.

Now that everyone's able to afford eating rice,
We seemed to forget the story behind this sweet potato porridge..

Our Five Dishes-

From left to right:
Spicy double cooked pork 回鍋肉
Sour Bamboo 酸筍
Stewed pork 滷肉
Baked bran 烤麩 = flour, after steaming and other cooking processes.
Stewed minced pork with melon 瓜仔肉

How much we spent for this meal?
Five dishes for $31?!?!
I don't know about you,
But for porridge, I think it's too much.

End Note~
The service was good though,
The lady kept coming back asking if we need more porridge...
I guess everywhere I go....people know that I eat a lot...
My friend still has good appetite despite the fact that he is sick,
No wonder we are friends.

Overall Rating: 5

Lu's Garden Restaurant 小陸子清粥店
17829 Colima Road
City of Industry, CA 91748
(626) 964-5709


  1. Well, 5 dishes between two people sounds like a lot!! $31 is not sounding so bad. I know if I were sick, I could barely eat anything anyway.. And I would definitely ask for take-away and not want to leave the bed ;)

    Glad to hear you've recovered :)

  2. My tastebuds seem to dissolve when I'm sick, making everything super bland. Good thing yours were still in tact! :) Glad you feel better now!

  3. $31 for Lu's.... definitely not cheap!!! especially, u can find it sooooo cheap in TW!
    anyway good to hear u feel better now!

  4. To Manggy, Cake Wardrobe, and Alicia~
    Awwwwww you guys are so sweet,
    I didn't expect that I'll get so many get-well wishes,
    Thank you all so much,
    Now that I'm recovered, I'll make sure my friend eat his way to recovery~!

  5. Hey, This place is really close to my work. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  6. i love jook too - my fav way to eat is to top w/ crispy you tiew.

  7. Sweet potato congee, first time I heard of it.

  8. 新年快樂. 萬事如意歐

  9. To White on Rice Couple~
    The ladies are pretty nice over there,
    It's probably the part that I like the most about Lu's Garden Restaurant.

    To Steamy Kitchen~
    Haha at first I was like, what is you tiew,
    First thing that came into my mind -- YouTube??? What??
    I'm so slow....

  10. To ilovepearly~
    Oh yeah?
    There're other kinds of congee too,
    Like congee with aged eggs or abalone~!
    *Not in Lu's Garden Restaurant tho~

    To Mrs. The Point~
    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Are you gonna cook a table-full of yummy dishes this year?

  11. So I am that "sick person" whom she went to this place with.

    Let me clarify some facts. First, she finished most of the food. Second, she made this sick poor boy pay $31 for congee. Now, she wants me to leave a comment.

    No more eating out with her. Agree? =p

  12. To Joaquin~
    Haha I'm glad you stand out and be my proof that I finished most of the food!
    Next time let's order more, muahahahha!

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