Feb 29, 2008

Shik Do Rak 食道樂

Once in a while I feel like indulging myself with a table-full of barbecue meat,
Especially Korean barbecue.
Forget about calorie count, forget about any kind of specialty diets,
Let's just stuff our stomach with piles of meat,
It's time to dig in!

Here's where I went for my barbecue meat preys!-

Petite victims first, some banchan on the table-

There were a few more banchan (small side dishes),
But it was really hard for me to take a picture that includes everything,
My left hand wanted to take a high quality picture,
My right hand only wanted to grab those food and jam into my mouth,
I ought to seek a way to make them corporate together.
*As far as I remembered, there were kimchi, fish cakes, pickled radish, seaweed, steamed eggs, pickled cucumber, and possibly potatoes.

Our victim number 6-2 on the menu,
"Black Angus deckle + choice of short ribs + Aragic & Song-i broiled mushroom + boiled soy bean paste soup + duk bo sam"

Here are the pictures. When we first started-

10 minutes after-

This is how you supposed to eat it-

Wrapped the meat and maybe some banchan with duk bo sam.
Duk bo sam is the rice wrapping you see here,
They also give you some thin pickled radish slices,
You can choose your wrappings between the two.
I personally prefer the radish one,
It's a little bit sweet, a little bit sourish, which makes a perfect combination with my barbecue meat dipped with sesame sauce.
I lava it!

But you all know how much I can eat,
I have to order extra Mandu Kuk (dumpling soup) to satisfy my greedy stomach-

The soup was great,
They added a lot of white pepper in it,
It helps to bring out the flavor of the soup.
I was full after those gigantic dumplings,
FULLLLLL......but highly satisfied.

Overall Rating: 7

Shik Do Rak 食道樂
9691 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 534-7668


  1. To oh for the love of food!
    Yeah, I'll never get tired of Korean barbecue,
    Now I'm craving for it again!

  2. That looks incredible. Korean BBQ is one of my favorite thing EVER!
    I'm craving for some now... what a torture!

  3. To Zen Chef~
    Let me get the grill ready....
    Laying some bulgogi on the wire...
    Fanning the barbecue smoke all the way to NY,
    See how much longer can you last...