Jul 9, 2008

Asian + Italian + Mexican = Breakfast in Grand Style

Have you ever had egg pancakes 蛋餅 in a Chinese breakfast joint?
If not, you can find a picture of egg pancakes in my previous post.

I was craving for egg pancakes the other day,
But it was around 9 a.m. in the morning,
I just got off the bed (yes I'm currently unemployed and don't need to go to school),
And still in my pajamas...with an semi-afro hair style,
I don't think there's enough motivation for me to wash up, change clothes, and drive for who knows how long to buy egg pancakes.

"Egg pancakes.....egg pancakes...."
Ahhhhh what's that noise!?!
Am I still dreaming? Is my stomach talking to me?
Is it shouting out loud for egg pancakes?
Arghhh fine! I'll find a way to shut my stomach up!

Stumbled to the fridge...I saw...
Few leftover tortillas and mozzarella,
Mmmm even though I'm not supposed to use tortilla for Chinese egg pancakes,
But hey, they're pretty similar in a way right?
They're both round...flat...and made with some kind of flour,
I'm sure it'll tastes great no matter what.

But only tortillas and mozzerella seemed a little bit plain..
It'll definitely be better if I can spice it up with some other ingredients.
So I picked out a few "regular guests" in my fridge and made this tri-national version egg pancake!


Regular guests in my fridge:
2 eggs
1/4 onion (diced)
4 button mushrooms (sliced)
1 sausage (remove the case and break off the meat, any flavor is fine)
Spaghetti sauce (marinara, but alfredo works too)

Random guests in my fridge:
Mozzarella (cut about 5 to 8 strips)
1 tortilla

Plus other long lived residents outside the fridge:
Extra virgin olive oil
Black pepper


Let's make the sauce first,
First drizzle some olive oil in the pan,
Toss in diced onions, sprinkle with some salt & pepper, cook till color turned translucent.
*Don't add pepper if using alfredo sauce.

Add sausages and mushrooms into the pan,
Cook for about 1 minute,
Add 3 tablespoons of spaghetti sauce and cook for 2 or 3 minutes.

Give it a quick taste, add more salt if desired.
Sauce is ready.

Now it's time to work on the real thing!
Break 2 eggs in a ball, sprinkle some salt (only a little bit), beat it well.

Prepare another skillet and turn up the heat,
Drizzle some olive oil and wait till it gets really hot,
Pour in the eggs,
Be careful here, don't stir the eggs, just simply let the bottom part cook for a little longer,
Spread the cheese strips evenly on the top of the uncooked eggs,
Put the tortilla over it,
Use your spatula to weigh it down a little bit,
About 10 seconds, flip the whole thing to the other side,
So the tortilla should be on the bottom now unless the whole thing sticks to the ceiling when you try to hard flipping it.

Cook till tortilla is heated through, fold it in half,
Transfer to a cutting board and cut into strips-

Pour the sauce over-

See the cheese inside?

I think I'm eating too well in the morning,
But people always say thatbreakfast is the most important meal during the day,
And I did successfully shut my stomach up,
Oh, there's one more bonus,
I get to enjoy my tri-national egg pancakes in my pajamas!

Cindy's Rating: 7


  1. Without the sauce, it looks very Asian. With it, it reminds me of Mexican. Whoa...international breakfast!

  2. To Tigerfish~
    I was trying to mix & match of whichever ingredients I have left in the fridge!

  3. I love your tri-national egg pancakes AND your afro hairdew! Great combination. haha. Another great moment of inspiration.. so early in the morning. Quite impressive! :-)

  4. To Zen Chef~
    I really did have a small afro hairdo way back then...
    Hahah I would love to show you pictures but it'll scare you away for sure!

  5. I just love all your global influences on these pancakes! I could totally see myself eating this, actually , I can eat two plates of it!
    Now we just need a little blue cheese, my favorite, to make it a little more French?! Oui! Oui!

  6. To White on Rice Couple~
    Haha that sounds like a good idea,
    Maybe accompanying the pancakes with a glass of champagne.
    Champagne in the morning, how wonderful!