Jul 14, 2008

Royal/T Maid Cafe - Meido Kissa

Interested in cute girls dressed in French maid costumes serving you tea?
Or maybe I’m wrong here,
You can be more careless about cute girls,
Let’s try this again,
Interested in cute girls dressed in French maid costumes serving you tea, while you can enjoy some modern artwork at the same time?

Welcome to Royal/T-

This place just opened couple months ago,
And I first heard about it while watching morning news on Fox Channel.
* Please don't frown with that suspicious look on your face. I do watch news.

The whole concept is based on Japanese Meido Kissa,
According to the explanation on Royal/T's brochure,
"Meido Kissa is a cafe where the service staff dress as elegant maids. The purpose of the maid cafes and their service is to make customers feel as though they are at home and to encourage them to relax."

Royal/T is integrated with three parts: art space, café, and a small shop.
If my memorizing ability was functioning correctly that morning,
I can recall this lady in the news was talking about some reasons to open up Royal/T,
And one of them was to share her collections to the public,
So more people can have the chance to appreciate those modern art works.

Some of the collections at Royal/T include works by Ghada Amer, Yayoi Deki, Hideaki Kawashima, Aya Takano, Yoshitomo Nara, Takashi Murakami, and the list goes on.

And this giant black and red squid is my favorite piece in Royal/T-

Royal/T resides on a very spacious rectangular area,
The shop, café, and part of the exhibit are in the front,
The remaining exhibit locates in the back end,
What lies in between the two art spaces are areas reserved for VIP/groups and restrooms.

After scanning through all the art works,
My friends and I finally settled on our table, ready to order some tea drinks,
And this cute little flower drew my attention-

Besides tea, Royal/T also offers many other items on the menu for you to snack on,
Croissants, baked eggs, salads, sweets, even rice bowls,
We had a dinner plan later that day, otherwise I really wanna try out their baked eggs,
One of the options under baked eggs was “baked eggs with roasted tomato and crème fraiche,”
It sounds so good, and this dish used one of the ingredients that I can never say no to,
- Crème fraiche -
I guess I’ll just have to wait till next time.

Budding Jasmine Rose-

My friend took this picture with my camera.
I have to be honest here,
I was trying to retake this picture of the flower bud,
Don't want to admit it, but my picture didn't turn out as great as the one above.

We also ordered other tea:
Yuzu Sencha - Yuzu rinds and Sencha green tea.
Darling Darjeeling - Organic Darjeeling with subtle notes of Muscat.
Royal/T Milk Tea - Black tea with rose petals, pieces of fruit & vanilla, brewed in soy milk.

Royal/T adds a little twist on all these regular every day drinks,
So instead of some strong, over-powering flavored tea you get from other places,
Royal/T's drinks are actually delicate and subtle,
You can definitely tell the difference with a small sip.

And here’s my favorite picture of the day-

Thanks to my friends who tried so hard waving their hands in order to block me from taking a picture of the flowers,
But it still turned out pretty good yeah!?
I’m the expert of dodging obstacles!

Highly recommended place,
The drinks were delicate (still need to try their savory items though),
The artwork were stunning,
The atmosphere was relaxing,
And the service was great,
Come on,
Who can ever complain about cute girls serving you in French maid costumes?

Cindy’s Rating: 8

Royal/T Maid Café
8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-6300


  1. Amazing photos! They look great!

  2. To wsl98787~
    Thank you so much!
    Royal/T is a pretty cool place,
    Come check it out if you ever get a chance!

  3. so totally want to check the place out - and it's just down the street from us!

  4. To sarah j. gim~
    Just down the street!?
    Aww lucky you,
    I wish I can bring my laptop and just study there sometimes,
    But it's like one hour drive for me.

  5. To Ivan~
    Heyyyy how's everything up north!?
    So happy to see your comment here!

  6. I've been meaning to try this place! It looks like a great space. Thanks for the great pictures. Now I'll be sure to make the trip!

  7. To GirlCanBack~
    Yeah let me know how you think about the place afterward yap!?

  8. Is that you in a French maid's costume? :-) Looks great.

    And by the way, i gave you an award on my blog because your blog makes me happy too!

  9. Looks like a hip place to hang out :)

  10. To Zen Chef~
    Ohhh thank you for the award, I guess food makes me happy, zen chef makes me happy too.
    By the way, I'm not that maidy lady in the picture,
    Haha no way I'll take the risk of loosing some readers by showing a scary picture of me!

    To Tigerfish~
    Yeah, that place gives me a sense of serenity,
    Try it out if you ever come visit!

  11. wow what a cool place with an interesting concept ^^ The dolls are so pretty, I wish I can have one of them, heh.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)

  12. wow cynd! absolutely adorable! looks like a great place to hang out ;)

  13. To noobcook~
    Those are little wanderers by Yoshitomo Nara~
    You can find those online!

    To Mochachocolata Rita~
    Cute place for couples too!

  14. lovely pictures and a great blog!

  15. Wow, what an interesting restaurant - - I've never seen anything quite like it - wow. Nice post and it's right near where I live!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  16. To Liana Schmidt~
    Go give this place a try,
    Just have a cup of tea there and enjoy the artwork at the same time,
    Let me know what you think afterwards!

  17. I've been meaning to go here, but your pictures are enough of a reason to try this weekend!

  18. To nomnomnom~
    Let me know what you think about the place afterwards!

  19. That all looks amazingly strange and wonderful. Wow.

  20. To Tom~
    Yeah I'll definitely go back again when they have more new artsy stuff.

  21. Da kann ich nur zustimmen..