Jul 29, 2008

It's OK to be Bad Once A Year - Fried Oreo Cookies

Good lord that I've been to America for more than five years,
Otherwise I would definitely had a giant culture shock at OC Fair,
It's not because of the rides that were throwing people up and down,
It's not because of the little games that guys tried so hard to win a stuffed toy for their dates,
It's because of the food, the enormous amount of fried food!
The fair has everything fried,
Let me try to count it here,
1. Fried Twinkies
2. Fried Oreo cookies
3. Fried frog legs
4. Fried onion rings
5. Fries (and it shaped like a small treasure box, yes, it is that huge)
6. Fried White Castle burgers
7. Fried veggies
8. Fried chicken
9. Fried snickers

God I just lost my count in that Pacific Ocean sized frying oil.
I wish I can say proudly here that I tried all the fried "goodies" on the list,
Too bad my heart wasn't strong enough to accomplish this goal,
It'll probably be like a 5 year span for me to finish everything fried at the fair,
And who knows if someone will come up with another FRIIIbulous idea during that period,
Fried sausage? Fried banana? Fried turkey legs?

Ignored the risk of getting more pimples on my face, I tried this,
Fried Oreo cookies-

It shouldn't be that hard to recreate this deep fried goodies at home,
Probably just coat the cookies with some kind of pancake mix and fry them for few minutes,
And then sprinkle some confectioner's sugar on the top.

Fried Oreo cookies actually taste pretty dang good!
It tastes kind of like chocolate souffle,
But of course the texture is thicker and heavier,
Besides the fact that it was a little too sweet for me,
I don't mind eating fried Oreo cookies again next year.

OC Fair will last until August 3rd this year,
For all you OC fellas out there,
If you seriously gonna try or tried every fried items at the fair,
Let me know,
You'll be on the top of my super foodie list,
Who knows?
Maybe I'll ship you a cholesterol monitor device as a present too!


  1. Good lord indeed Cindy! I think I can handle maybe only one-- but make it a double-stuffed ;)

  2. To Manggy~
    Haha I think I'll get a heart attack if I try everything on the list!

  3. This is certainly something new to me too =O

  4. To noobcook~
    Yeah, everything fried,
    Kinda scary!

  5. Okay, I was born in the States and now I live next to an amusement park (the last seaside boardwalk on the west coast) but I have never, ever had a fried Oreo. Or fried Twinkie. They sound scary and gross to me and I'm a native!

    I'll take your word for it, though, that it tasted good and I might be tempted to go down to the Boardwalk soon to try some fried fare. I've been curious about funnel cakes recently since a friend told me they tasted like beignets.

    Did you know the Chinese were the first culture to deep fry food? :)

    Take care,


  6. To Ivan~
    Wow I learned something today!
    Never know that Chinese people are the first one who fry stuff~!
    Go give fried Oreo cookies a try but remember, it's pretty dang sweet!!

  7. That's crazy! I've never heard of fried oreos. I hate to admit that they actually sound good!

  8. Ever vacation to the Jersey Shore includes a stop for fried Oreos. Always delightful.

  9. To ~Madeline~
    Yeah, it was the first time I heard about it too,
    Give it a try if you get a chance, it's actually that not bad!

    To eat!~
    It's pretty good!

  10. cind! I wanna try em ALL ALL ALL...screw the heart attack, i'll prepare from now by exercising double every day, so my heart will be super strong to take all that lol

  11. To Mochachocolata Rita~
    Hahaha let's fry them all!!!!

  12. Wow... That just sounds absurd...ly good.

  13. To Marc~
    Haha some friends went to try out fried oreo cookies at the fair after reading this post,
    I wonder what they think about it~
    Probably absrud.....ly scary!

  14. This sounds so ridiculous but I want some. I thought sprinkling some confectioner's sugar after frying was hilarious. As if it needed it :)

  15. They can fry anything, don't they? :P

  16. To Jude~
    Yeah, it's too sweet but surprisingly better than I thought!

    To Tigetfish~
    Haha yeah, wonder what they'll come out next year!

  17. Yea! Let's screw the heart attack! hahahaha. Wow! Did they have fried bacon by any chance? hehe. What about wrapping the oreos in bacon, dipping them in batter and frying them? What do you think?.. Yum or no Yum? haha. I think i gained a pound just by having that thought.

  18. To Zen Chef~
    Wait wait wait!
    Let's try this, instead of wrapping bacon around oreos, how about wrapping bacon around each single onion rings, fry them, and then brush some maple syrup on top,