Nov 5, 2007

Curly is Thy Way

A quick post on Monday morning.
I'm currently suffering from Blue Monday syndrome,
Tired, annoyed, and uneasy,
Especially the uneasy part,
I need to search for a resolution soon,
Otherwise I gonna drain myself out in no time..

But's what I looked like in one day last Saturday.

Curly me-

Then I got a hair treatment later in the afternoon,
As usual,
I asked the saloon to blow dry my hair straight,
Just for fun.

Straight hair me-

I'm back to curly hair now,
Mentally stressed out is bad enough,
I can't handle straight hair on my head for more than one day,
It'll drive me crazy.


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  2. oh you look so cute with your curly hair~~~
    (^_^)/(- ")

  3. To the happy eatter~
    Haha thank you!