Nov 9, 2007

Company Event - Stars of Resolve

Thursday night,
I went to this event in Long Beach,
1st Annual Los Angeles Night of Hope.

The doctor I work with got nominated as Stars of Resolve recently,
Meaning that he did an excellent job on taking care of his patients and improving the whole experience of infertility treatment.

Here's the invitation-

Table Display-

Note* it costs $100 per person to enter the event.
Thanks for my generous boss,

So what kind of food they have for this $100 event?
Fruits, cheese, sandwich, salad,
Coconut shrimps, pot sticks, pork skewers, fruits, veggies,
With an open bar carrying a small selection of wine, beer, and cocktails.

And of course they have a table full of delicate desserts-

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting-

The dessert is actually pretty good,
I'll give it a Cindy's Rating: 6 or 7.
Especially the ones with chocolate flavor,
Very creamy, very smooth.

So how about the salty dishes?
Let's...not talk about it.

Since the location is inside a Japanese Garden,
Besides two people playing flute and violin,
They had an old guy making origami stuff for kids.

Origami Tulips-

The place is very pretty,
Trees and aisles were all decorated with lights and flowers,
There's also a big koi pond in the middle of the garden that has candles along the edges.
Pretty romantic.

Here's the koi pond-

And a crane feasting on smaller fishes-

We actually saw him catching one fish and flew away.
Pretty awesome (don't get me wrong, but crane has to eat too).
I even got a goodie bag in the end-

Sometimes I do like my job.


  1. I like your job too! hehe
    Looks yummy.

  2. To Zen Chef~

    Haha have to enjoy the moment when I actually "like" my job!
    Thanks for the comment!