Nov 11, 2007

Maki - Zushi

Another better than average sushi joint around Orange County,
But one point that I have to clarify up front,
It's just better than "average,"
Doesn't mean that this place is great or very good.

Maki - Zushi -

Sushi Bar Area-

Soy sauce and Tea Cup-

I went there around 1:30 p.m.,
Didn't see that much traffic inside the restaurant,
Plus the sign of the restaurant says "California" Japanese cuisine,
I started to worry...

But since I'm here already,
I should just be a courageous woman, make up my mind and order a lot of food,
I am starving.

Hamachi Nigiri (Bottom) and Hamachi Toro Nigiri (Up)-

It's actually pretty good,
Very fresh,
Just that Hacachi (yellow tail) toro weren't fat enough.

Seared Tuna Nigiri-

Topped with ponzu sauce,
The acidity from the citrus brings up the natural flavor of tuna,
I like it.

Uni Nigiri-

Not as good as I expected,
Not sweet enough, and not "creamy" enough.
However, it was pretty fresh.

Ankimo (monkfish liver) Nigiri-

Big fan of ankimo.
I went to a Japanese supermarket a while ago and saw a can of ankimo,
So I got too excited and brought it home without a second thought.
Right now I'm just having a headache of what to do with it,
Have to figure out a way to make it as good as the ones from a restaurant.

Otoro Nigiri-

Pretty good,
I can't be too picky about it since it's not the season for otoro at the moment.
For your information,
This order was $13.

Crunch Roll-

Nothing special.

Spicy Tuna Roll-

Topped with deep fried onion,
The overall flavor is too intense for me.

Philadelphia Roll-

I love cream cheese.

Tamago Nigiri-

I always like to finish my sushi meal with this order.
Something simple,
Something sweet.

The overall experience at Maki - Zushi was not bad.
Even though they are kind of Americanized in some dishes,
Maki - Zushi still serves some rare-find ingredients for their sushi,
Such as Sayori (Japanese needle fish) and Sazae (sea snail),
And the waiter was very nice and friendly to me and my friend.

So will I come back in the future?
I think I should just pack my chopsticks and move on to the next stop.
Overall Rating: 6
Maki - Zushi
1641 Edinger Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 259-0783


  1. wow...i never had philadelphia roll, with cream cheese? Sounds yummy.
    The best Uni i ever had was in Hawaii, so sweet...i still dream about it. haha
    Gosh i love Japanese food too much!

  2. To Zen Chef~
    You eat uni too?
    Wow I'm so happy, many of my friends are scared of uni!
    By the way, Japanese food are awesome!

  3. Yea i know many people who are freaked out by it.
    When i was working in a fancy restaurant France we used to take sea urchin (uni), open them up, scoop out the good stuff, clean the shells, make a souffle type thing and bake it in the shell. It was a different experience but soooo good!
    I'm hungry now! hehe

  4. these look so nice! I wish I could make such things! Though I am not always brave enough to eat .. :)

  5. these look so nice! I wish I could make such things! Though I am not always brave enough to eat .. :)

  6. To Alita~
    Just eat it!
    You can do it!
    There's nothing to be scared of!

    *You can do it!