Nov 27, 2007

Shin Sen Gumi Ramen 新撰組

Craving for Ramen?
I did last week, so I came to this place for some Hakata style ramen.
Shin Sen Gumi Ramen Restaurant-

They have stores in Fountain Valley, Gardena, LA County,
And of course the original place is in Tokyo, Japan.

I went to the one in Fountain Valley, the ramen side-

(I had to quickly take a picture when no customers were by the counter)

The restaurant is separated into two areas here in Fountain Valley,
One side is for ramen,
The other side is for yakitori.
I usually try to go to the ramen side for dinner because you can also order dishes from the yakitori side,
Because the yakitori side only opens at night.

Ordering sheet-

Besides picking out the set and extra toppings you want,
You can also choose the hardness of the noodles, amount of oil, and the strength of the soup.
I guess from the picture,
You can kind of figured out what I like in Shin Sen Gumi.
Sometimes I do prefer hard noodles though.
It's all depend on my mood.

And here it comes my order-

Spicy miso matches my ramen so well,
There wasn't any drop of soup left in my bowl.

My friend's order, with extra chashu (pork slice)-

Takana fried rice and gyoza-

These comes with the sets we picked,
Told you I eat a lot.

If you ever decide to dine here,
Remember the wait is usually around 30 minutes or longer.
Don't forget to give the yakitori side a try sometime,
That place tastes pretty good,
Probably Cindy's Rating 7.

By the way,
I always order chicken karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) when I'm having dinner at the ramen side.
Imagine that tender chicken, crunchy skin, and mayonnaise all together in your mouth,
I'm in heaven.

Overall Rating: 6

Shin Sen Gumi 新撰組
18315 Brookhurst Street #1
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 962-8971


  1. aww i had ramen too tonight~~~but it was instant and yours looks 100 times more delicious >.<

  2. To the happy eatter~
    Haha stop eating instand ramen there,
    Arghhh if I'm around you I'll make you lunch boxes all the time..

  3. me too, me too! I want my lunchbox! hehhehehe

  4. To Zen Chef~
    Haha calm down calm down,
    Let's get the number first.