Nov 14, 2007

Korean House Barbeque Buffet

I'm in the mood of munching on meat.

Korean House Barbeque Buffet-

They have one aisle dedicated for salads and banchan (Korean small dishes),
Another aisle for all kinds of marinated meat,
One section for soups,
Another section for desserts.

Meat Meat and More Meat-

Chicken, beef, pork, squid, you name it.

Pork chop-

After it's done, the whole thing (except the bone) went directly to my stomach.
Yes I finished it.
Especially when your friend cant stop saying "I wanna see you finish that."
As a food monger,
Of course I have to down it.


I did try to balance out my diet with some greens,
Does is even help at all at this point?

Creamy Yogurt-

Very good,
It doesn't tastes that great with that sugary flavor,
But somehow it was delicious to me,
Plus the texture was creamy and milky,
I'm a big fan of creamy and milky things.

Not a bad place when you're in the mood for meat without letting your wallet loosing some weights.
*Note: but for sure you'll gain some weights instead.
*About $20 per person.

Overall Rating: 5

Korean House Barbeque Buffet
12118 Brookhurst Street
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 636-1700


  1. Oh my god! You ate all that?
    I wanna marry you!

  2. To Zen Chef~
    Haha you gonna marry me just because I eat a lot?!!?

    To jaime la nourriture~
    Korean buffet is a good place when I wanna eat a lot without hurting my wallet!

  3. some one purposed in your goodness...just kidding.
    My husband married me because I eat a lot. ^_^

    That looks really really delicious though.

  4. To Mrs. Thepoint~
    Haha I guess eating a lot makes me a good wife then.

  5. Oh yesss! That makes you a wonderful wife.
    Thanks Mrs the Point for the support! hehehe

  6. hi Cindy,
    thanks for visiting my blog. i have to comment in this post because i've been to the restaurant & they're good! made me wish i was in california now.

  7. To Eliza~
    Yeah it is good!
    So where are you now?