Jul 9, 2007

Baccali Cafe 百家利

One of my favorite Hong Kong Cafe places in So Cal!
Baccali is well-known for various kinds of rotisserie chicken,
Tender and juicy,
Come and try it out yourself!



Horlicks 好立克-

I haven't had this for a long time,
Childhood memories.
Really milky, really creamy.

Cindy's Rating: 7

Chicken Steak 香煎雞扒-

Cindy's Rating: 7

Chicken Breast Steak 香煎雞胸-

Cindy's Rating: 7

Besides rotisserie chicken,
Baccali also serves fried rice, soup noodles, sandwiches, cakes,
Full of choices.
Open till late,
Not a bad choice when you're hungry during late night!

Overall Rating: 7

Baccali Cafe 百家利燒雞
245 West Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801

(626) 293-3300

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