Jul 18, 2007

Bacon Wrapped Squash

As I open the fridge, I saw two packages of bacon sitting there right in front of my eyes.
It hurts my head cz now I have to figure a way out to get rid of them.
(I rarely use bacon for cooking unless it's from the BBQ leftover)
Mmmm, at least today I managed to finish up one package by making spaghetti alla carbonara and bacon wrapped squash.

Spaghetti alla carbonara. Don't be fooled by its fancy name, this Italian dish is actually really easy to make.
The basic ingredients are heavy cream, onion, bacon, and Parmesan cheese.
Most importantly: raw egg yolk, that you mix it in in the end to combine all the flavors together.
But since the picture I took for the spaghetti went wrong today (that means it doesn't look yummy at all),
Let's just focus on squash here.

Bacon Wrapped Squash-


One squash
Freshly ground black pepper

After washing and peeling the squash, slice it.
Wrap it with bacon and spray some black pepper on the top,
Sear them in the pan. (Don't add any oil since bacon's fat enough, unless you wanna drown in the guilt of high calories)
That's about it, how much easier can it be?

PS. Remember to sear the opening-end side down first,
Don't touch it for a while otherwise bacon and squash won't stay together.

Cindy's Rating: 5


  1. That sounds phenomenal. Any issues getting the squash to cook through? How long do you sear?

  2. To Abadeeba~
    Thanks for the comment!
    I just seared it till the bacon turn slightly burned on the edges,
    Simple and easy!
    One tip for you, you can brush some honey over the bacon,
    It's good!