Jul 29, 2007

Koji's "Fine" Sushi & Shabu Shabu

Koji's Glamorous Outdoor Display-

The place may look glamorous, but don't be fooled by its alluring appearance.
Let the crappy journey of Koji begins.

As I arrived at the restaurant, I've been told that the approximate waiting time is 40 mins, which is totally fine with me.
So I strolled around The Block for about 25 minutes and returned to Koji.

The hostess with crappy face led us to this spot where there were 5 pots ready for the customers to dine in.
And she suddenly came to realization that it was only me and my friend.
She just let us stood there, made her trip all the way back to the front, walked back to us and said,
"Oh sorry, it's actually for a party of five, could you place wait at the front again and your table will be ready in five minutes? We're out of pots here."

Me: Annoyed level = 6 (everything is still under control...don't panic..)

1 minute...3 minutes...5 minutes...probably after 10 minutes or longer,
She, the crappy face hostess finally came to us and gave us our seats.
Along the way, I saw numerous open tables, with at least 20 pots stacking up in the back.

Me: Annoyed level = 7 (cross fingers that the food will worth the trip)

Yet another 10 minutes wait to order my food, perhaps the restaurant was busy?
There were 3 waiters/waitress standing by the bar doing nothing, another 4 chatting next to the front door.

At Least the Food on the Menu was Cute-

Caterpillar roll they called.

And Here's My Pot (It's been boiling without enough water in it..)-

Me: Annoyed level = 8 (waving, just keep waving, and see if anyone will notice my existence and the lack of water pot)

I Tried to Forgive Everything that Just Happened to Me When This Dynamite Roll Showed Up-

Cindy's Rating: 4 (not so dynamite)

My Order of Large Beef Premium-

It was actually regular beef premium, I guess the waiter didn't believe that I ordered a large one.
All good, I was actually glad that he gave me the regular size...so I don't need to surfer longer.
There was a hair on my beef....of course they exchanged a new plate for me after I pointed out the hair to the waiter...sigh...another 10 minutes wait for my "cleaner" beef...
Who knows if they just pick out the hair and give it back to me again...

Me: Annoyed level = 9 (they really know how to get on your nerves)

My Friend's Order of Beef and Salmon-

The chopped scallion, garlic, and radish wasn't served to us, we had to actually ask for it.
Same thing applies to spoons.
But I shouldn't even complain,
The lady next to me, her pot wasn't even boiling at all so she had to share with her friend.
How much I wish that happened to me, so I can just cancel my order and watch my friend suffer.
And the bill for one sushi roll and two orders of shabu shabu was surprisingly $56.
Not that I don't want to pay that amount for food,
But is it worth the money?

Overall Rating: 1 (zero will be good, but at least the place did feed me some grudges into my stomach)

20 City Blvd # 602 (Inside The Block at Orange)
Orange, CA 92868

(714) 769-0200

http://kojisjapan.com/ Let the suffer begins....


  1. You should really learn how to spell...

  2. To Anonymous~
    Haha I know,
    I even said it in my very first post that this blog is written with broken Engrish~!
    I'm learning, gradually improving I hope.