Jul 26, 2007

Dried Seaweed Wrapped Marinated Pork Loin Strips

Kinda ugly, makes me wonder why I didn't cut the edges out to make it prettier,
But it's too late to say anything now, plus I still wanna share this with you guys.
(And they're all gonna go into my stomach anyways)

Dried Seaweed Wrapped Marinated Pork Loin Strips (hoo~what a long name)-

Ingredients for Marinated Sauce:
Sugar (just a small pinch)
Soy sauce
Ponzu sauce (just a tiny bit)
Chili bean sauce (about two spoonful)
Mirin (two spoonful too)

Other Ingredients:

Extra virgin olive oil (for frying)
Pork loin (cut into strips)
Dried Seaweed (one slice of seaweed for one strip of pork, fair enough huh?)
Seaweed flakes (for garnish)
Sesame seeds (if desired)


Simply marinate the pork strips overnight and pan-fry it whenever you feel hungry the next day.

Wrap the strips with dried seaweed, so easy even a caveman can do it.

Cindy's Rating: 5

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