Jul 9, 2007

Taiko - 太閣

Located in one of the busiest plaza in Irvine,
Especially during lunch and dinner hours,
It's a pain trying to find a parking,
Or I should say, fight for a parking.
And then another 30 or so minutes waiting time just to fulfill the need of hunger.


One of the better places to eat Japanese food in Irvine,
I personally think that this place is more like an American-Japanese restaurant.
Even though they have Japanese sushi chefs behind the bar,
The dishes they served tell it all.
Besides sushi selections,
Taiko also has many American-Japanese dishes like:
Teriyaki chicken,
Sesame chicken,
Tuna steak,
Baked clams, etc.

So why I go there for lunch time after time?
I like their sesame chicken.
I'm craving for American-Japanese food sometimes.

Cute Tea Pot-

Lunch Combo (Sashimi, Beef, and Sesame Chicken)-

Cindy's Rating: 5
Calamari Steak-

Cindy's Rating: 4

Overall Rating: 5

Ps. Expecting long lines. Friendly staff.

Taiko 太閣
14775 Jeffery Rd. #K
Irvine, CA 92720

(949) 559-7190

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