Mar 14, 2008

Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again.......I Wish

I'm leaving for Taiwan in few hours!
Was gonna post my "little" luggage picture up here,
I'm running out of time!!!!!

Please stay tuned,
Since I'll still have my internet connection overseas,
*God bless, I don't know how can I survive without internet.
I'll post some delicious local food from Taiwan from time to time!



  1. Have a great trip! I'm so jealous...all those Asian foods. Eat a lot for me! :)

  2. To Joy~
    I just arrived in Taiwan not long ago,
    Already had a Asian style breakfast (egg pancakes, rice balls, soy milk, etc).
    Besides eating all my way around here,
    I'll be sure updating my blog and share those yummy food with you too!

  3. To mp3 e mp4~
    Thank you,
    I haven't had a blogroll feature on my blog yet,
    I'll add you in as soon as I set up one!
    *I should!