Mar 22, 2008

One Day in Kaoshung

I feel like I haven't update my blog for ages (few days means a lot to me).
I got my internet connection here,
I have my laptop on the whole time next to my bed,
My fingers are all function well, ok, maybe there're one or two paper cuts, but no big deal,
So what's wrong?
Is it that hard to type out another blog entry?
I blame my laziness to food. Yes, food.

Most of you guys probably know already that I am currently traveling in Taiwan.
And Taiwan = food.
I've been busy eating around for the past few days,
No, more realistically it should be for every past hours.
The end result is that I came home with overloaded stomach, then I just crashed on my bed.

I need some exercise to help me digest mountains of food.
So I dragged myself to my laptop and started my routine finger exercise - updating my blog.

I went to Kaoshung the other day, it's in the southern part of Taiwan.
Can you believe it? I grew up in Taiwan and lived there for so many years,
And I never been to Kaoshung before,
It's like you live in Los Angeles for 20 something years and you never been to San Francisco.
Glad that the new high speed rail just finished its construction not long ago,
It only took me 96 minutes traveling from Taipei to Kaoshung,
Wow.. Taiwan is so small,
Only 96 minutes, you can travel from the north tip to bottom south.

Kaoshun Chi Jin-

Me and my friend took a small ferry to cross the ocean to the other side.

Tricycle ride-

I took this picture during the ride.

The beach part 1-

The beach part 2-

*We're surrounded by the ocean.

Back to the city, this is Urban Spotlight 城市光廊-

And the coffee shop on the street-

*Kaoshung government design this small area next to the shopping area with urban lights.

The new Kaoshung MRT station-

It's like New York's subway system in Taiwan.

After posting those pictures,
I have to get ready again for a family dinner....
Food food food.....
*Be prepare to see a bloated Cindy in 10 days.


  1. girl you better get your A** back in LA now!!!! i miss you :( i cant wait til lunch!!its this fri XDXDXDXD


  2. To Rach~
    I gained weights....arghhhhhhhh...
    But I still can't wait for lunch on Friday!!

  3. Did you travel via HSR ?
    Well, I think there shd be some kind of HSR going from SFO to LA right? So convenient...and ease pollution in LA...hee hee.

  4. To Tigerfish~
    Yeah I did, it was fast, super fast!
    On the way back from Kaoshung, I took a short nap and then I'm in Taipei already, amazing!

  5. Yay you better get your butt back in LA! Lots of hungry people there.
    Taiwan looks lovely by the way!

  6. To Zen Chef~
    Haha I'm back!!
    And jet lag....