Mar 30, 2008

Maison Kayser in Taiwan

Maison Kayser is a famous and well-known bakery joint from Paris.
Where more than 15 stores scatter throughout the area,
Over 20 stores overseas such as Japan, Greece, and Italy,
They also opened one branch in Taiwan, Taipei,
How lucky we Taiwanese are.

Eric Kayser is the store owner, the founder, the master chef,
His baguette is a must have,
But don't forget other wonderful goodies in the shop,
Delicate cakes, croissants, pain chocolat,
I assure you that all these items will never let you down.

The branch in Taiwan is located in a shopping mall called Breeze Center,
The bakery is designed with two sections,
One for patisserie, and one for breads.
The smell of fresh baked flour kept flowing into my nose,
So me and my mom decided to bring some goodies home-

Despite all the fresh breads in front of me, I was initially drawn by this dessert,
Mont Blanc-

I'm never a fan of dessert made with chestnuts,
But it was sitting in the counter, waiting for me to take it home...
*Ok, I'm making excuse here for my greediness.
After I had my first bite,
The strong aroma from the chestnuts just burst into my mouth,
And it was smooth and creamy,
Right at that moment,
I converted myself into a mont blanc fan.

Just go try it if you ever get a chance!

Maison Kayser

Taiwan Branch:
Fu Shin South Road, Section 1, Number 39.
Taipei, Taiwan.


  1. This is a great dessert. Underrated but great! Quite easy to make too! :-)

  2. Easy to make?!
    Ahh I wanna learn it then!