Mar 11, 2008

POIRE Chocolat

This box of chocolate has came a long way,
It flew over the Pacific Ocean from Osaka, Japan for over 10 hours,
Experienced the traffic in Los Angeles,
Then my lucky friend got it from his co-worker (aka the chocolat carrier),
What's even luckier, is that I'm so notorious about wanting yummy food,
My "nice" friend decided to share this precious box of "chocolat" with me!

Here are the little pamphlets that came together with the chocolat-

As you can see,
Besides chocolates,
This store also carries:
Patisserie items such as mont blanc, cheese cake, fruit tarts,
Ice Sorbet made with melon, orange, papaya,
Biscuit and other seasonal items.

This one shows you their locations in Japan-

This one shows you what's inside the box-

I didn't wanna take a picture without the plastic wrap cz I thought that little logo in the middle was cute,
And if you look closer, ok maybe it's pretty obvious,
You can see the top three spaces are empty,
Me and my friend ate it already....
We couldn't wait.....
Inside the box you can find a tiny white fork,
That directly translated into "Go ahead. Dig in!!!" in my tiny little brain,
So I forgot to take a picture first...

Oh well,
The chocolate was really smooth and creamy,
It's been under room temperature, but when I got those chocolate, the weather's still pretty cold here in Southern California,
So with the cold weather, the chocolate was like melting in my mouth,
I couldn't believe how smooth it was!

I've attached their website on the bottom,
You can see that their items are not that expensive,
Something affordable yet delicate.

End Note:

If you read this post before March 14th, 2008,
You can see that on the left of POIRE's website, there's a "White Day 2008,"
What's White Day?
That's for White Valentine's Day!
Usually on February 14th,
The girl will give some sort of present (usually home-made chocolate) to the guy she likes,
And if the guy is interested,
One month after February 14th, which should be March 14th,
He will give something back to the girl,
I don't know what's your opinion on this,
But one month wait for the girl is way too longgggggg!!!!


  1. haha was seeing your post and then suddenly realized i need eat some chocolate, s while your comment age opened up , i made a trip to the fridge n back and settled for some lindt after looking at the awesome Japanese chocolate !!!

  2. To Kate/Kajal~
    Haha that's funny,
    Sometimes when I look at other people's food blog, I can only drool over it.
    *Not that much food at home.
    Lucky you!