Mar 18, 2008

Taiwan Night Market Scene - Rei Fon 瑞豐夜市

I finally got a chance to update my blog!
Since I only have 12 days in Taiwan,
My schedule is pretty tight,
Plus I wanna spend most of the time with my parents,
Usually I can only meet up with my friends after dinner time,
That means less sleeping hours for me.

The consequence is that every time I come back home after running around outside the whole day,
I just crashed on my bed,
Most likely is due my stuffed stomach and exhausted legs.
People (especially my mom) can't stop offering food to me.

But today, I am the reason of my major food coma,
And here's where the crime scene happened,

Rei Fon Night Market 瑞豐夜士-

It's located in Southern Taiwan in the city of Kaoshung,
If you decide to visit there one day,
It's on Yu Chen Road 裕誠路,
About 3 minutes away from San Min Vocational High School 三民家商,
Of course you can also ask any local residents from Kaoshung,
I'm pretty sure that at least 70% of them know where it is.

Picture of the crowd-

I had to take this picture in a lightening speed.
The lady from one of the food stands kept telling me to just sit down and eat there,
Also people from behind tried so hard to squeeze pass me,
Come on,
I just wanna take a nice picture of you guys eating!

This stand is famous for their "teh tarik" 印度拉茶,
They stick all their public coverages (magazines, newspapers, TV shows) on the stand-

Teh Tarik is an Indian beverage,
The basic ingredients are milk and tea.
Wait a second,
Why Indian food in a Taiwan's night market?
Well, I don't know about other things,
But when it comes to food, we Taiwanese are very open minded multi-national adventurers.
Indian, Thai, Korean, American, Japanese, French, even Mongolian,
You name it!

Here's how they make the tea-

I told this guy that I am gonna take a picture of him making my tea,
He was like "I look ugly, let me ask my friend to do it for you."
But I guess that his friend's camera shy too,
Poor him, became one of the victims under my camera.

Special container for Teh Tarik-

Instead of a cup, they use this interesting bag that seals tightly on the top.
The beverage wasn't very milky,
You'll like it if you're a fan of strong tea flavors when it comes to "milk tea."

Then I had this one, chicken steak on a sizzling hot iron pan 鐵板雞排-

Served with creamy corn soup and ice tea,
And the steak comes with noodles, one thin slice of ham, and a sunny side up egg.
You also have the choice of mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce.
And all that only costs $3 U.S. Dollars-

San Dong Strewed Duck Stand 山東鴨頭-

Basically they marinated every parts of the duck and stewed it over a period of time,
You pick what you want and put that in the iron bowl,
They'll fry it for you, and add some seasonings according to your needs.
Usually black/white pepper and chili powder.
In this picture you can see:
Duck intestine, duck tongues, duck heads, duck eggs, duck necks, duck wings, duck feet, and other non-duck related items (pic blood cake, bean curd, seaweed, etc),
Did I scare you away already?

Here the bosses are preparing the food-

Night market is a fun place to go,
You can always see something new there,
People trying to come up with new ideas everyday,
Hoping that their food products will be a big success.
And all the noises, people ordering food, calling for customers, music from the stores,
Different stand layouts, delicious food smell,
It's a very lively atmosphere.
Stop by here if you ever get a chance,
I'll assure an interesting experience of your life.


  1. Reminded me of the 鐵板雞排 at Fengjia Night Market at Taichung!

  2. To Tigerfish~
    Ha I had that one too!
    I love it!
    Sometimes even though those "steak" dishes are not as high quality as 5 star restaurants, they still taste great.
    I don't know why, but I love it!

  3. i have to go to taiwan one day=i hear the food's amazing! x

  4. To Diva~
    Come come!
    If I'm around Taiwan, I'll be more than happy to be your foodie tour guide!

  5. Wow. This is great! Lucky you.
    I would be in a food coma too! haha. I love it all.
    Did you go back for the election?

  6. To Zen Chef~
    Thank you!
    Well, I came back for my parents, haven't seen them for a year!
    Second reason, my birthday's coming up!
    Last, I wanna get away from work for a little bit,
    I need a break badly!

  7. That steak and noodle dish looks awesome!

    I so wish I had gone to the night market when I was in Hong Kong for a week. Next time...

    Nice pics!

  8. To Angela~
    Yeah, there's always next time!
    So where are you now?