Apr 24, 2007

First Entry-Introduction of Cindy. Lo.

As I was reading through all the food websites~
One thought suddently (or should I say finally) popped out my mind~
I love to look at anything related to food, why not just create one blog for myself?

One blog that I can write my own thoughts about food.
One blog that I can share the "food" in my life with you guys.

Therefore, here I am.
Few notes about myself:

Engrish is my second language~which means that you might find numerous errors (grammar, comma splice, spelling, you name those) here and there as time goes by

Also, my train of thoughts might drift away from food while writing the blog. What can I say, I think a lot, sometimes too much. Not only an eater, but also a wonderer.

First entry. totally unrelated to food.

self portrait. Just to let you have a better idea about me.


  1. hey girl.. i havent talked to you for a while.. too busy here and there. :( i have a lot of things to tell you, but its hard to say it all at once. I guess i will write you a long email later this afternoon... currently in dilemma... * sigh *


  2. Girl, it's good to have your own blog to discuss about food or anything you would like to share w/ your readers!!! Keep working on it!!! I am sure you gonna find it interesting~~~and i believe your readers will learn something unique too~haha, i know both of us do have different taste on things, but it's still cool for me to take a look at your blog and learn more new things~~~isn't?! We gonna eat delicious desserts and food soon~~~can't wait!!!