Apr 26, 2007

Tabento in Costa Mesa

What I had for dinner the other day~~

Ate a lot, well, as usual~
And the waitress was like "wow, can't believe you guys finished it all!"
me: yeah I eat like a man!

AnkiMo-Monk fish Liver-

Cindy's rating: 4 ( I think Sushi Gen's AnkiMo's way better )
Spices in the little container-七味粉-

I just thought it's cute.
Sushi-Tamago, Hamachi, Aji, Saba, Maguro

Cindy's rating: 6.8 ( pretty fresh)
Close-up for Tamago-

Cindy's rating: 5 ( so so but cute)
Overall rating for Tabento: 6.7

Good for sushi, so so for other stuff.
1525 Mesa Verde Dr E
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-0600