Apr 30, 2007

Joy Luck Place in Cupertino

Food is a very very important element in my life.
Basically I eat when I'm happy.
I eat even more when I'm sad or depressed.
I can still swallow a whole meal including dessert even when I'm sick.

There's only one point in my life that I couldn't eat at all.
You figure.

Since I've been eating those dishes I made from the bonfire leftovers,
I'll just post something I had during Spring break.
--Joy Luck Place--
Yes, stop rubbing your eyes.
the name is right, Joy Luck Place, not Palace.
I'm kinda confused too. Those Chinese people.

Roasted Pork-烤乳豬

My favorite food from a Dim Sum place, got to have it!
You can see my tears coming out while eating this.
You can also see my tears coming out if I took the effort driving all the way to eat Dim Sum, waited for 30 mins at the restaurant, and finally found out they don't have it at all. (not all the Dim Sum places sell this yummy stuff)

Cindy's Rating: 8.8 (especially that crunchy skin...mmmmmm!)

Beef Stew-牛雜

I try not to eat beef as much as I can, but when it comes to 牛雜, pho, steak, or kobe beef...I can't help to open my mouth and put them in my stomach.
Cindy's Rating: 6.8

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings-蝦餃
To me, I feel "incomplete" without ordering steamed dumplings at a Dim Sum place.
Cindy's Rating: 5
Too bad I can't have it anytime I want. There are many 24hr Dim Sum places in Taiwan....Homesick....still....
Overall Rating: 6+1 (for the sake of that roasted pork)
Joy Luck Place-醉香居
10911 N Wolfe Rd.
Cupertino, CA 95014-0616
(408) 255-6988

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