Apr 24, 2007

Food from Taiwan

Second day of using this blog~~

I figured I'd better put up some food pics soon~~

I was in Taiwan two weeks ago~~

here's what I had over there~~

-Stinky Tofu-
there are basically two kinds of stinky tofu, one you fried it, one you stew it. This one is spicy stewed stinky tofu.

Cindy's rating: 8

-Xiao Ron Ton Bao AKA Soup Dumpling-小籠湯包-
Very juicy inside, this place is around National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, way better than the infamous Din Tai Fon.

Cindy's rating: 7

-Stewed Bean Noodles-豆簽羮-
Rarely see people selling it, one traditional street food from KeeLung, the taste's been changing over the years tho....

Cindy's rating: 6


  1. 新blog上線,來給你衝衝人氣,不過看了還真的是很痛苦,好想回台灣吃吃吃喔....><

  2. yeah. i never liked the infamous ding tai fon. when i was in NY.. lora took me to try this other xiao lon ton bao place too. " lu ming chun" its really wayyyy better than that one.


  3. 鹿鳴春有鼎泰豐好吃嗎??鹿鳴春湯包的湯頭味道不錯,不過皮很厚,有點在吃麵糰的感覺,有點俗氣不過我還是喜歡鼎泰豐,從小吃到大...哀,好餓

  4. hahah I guess this blog only make you guys hungry~the one i went here is called...m...I think~~杭州湯包

  5. i miss FORMOSA CHANG in taipei,, they serve LU ROU FAN, rice topped wuth steded meat/fat... yummy

  6. To docchef~
    I just posted some more foodie joints in Taiwan these days,
    Go check it out!

  7. now I stay in touch!