Apr 29, 2007


I guess this blog's not just about food, it's kinda like my diary too~
A place where I can just jot down whatever come across my mind.
So...what's happening now? Homesick. Serious homesick.
Can't really do anything about it...
Let me just post some food pics from Papa and Mama....to fill that blank spot in my heart..

Dumplings from the Lo Family-Uncooked Ones

I was just having fun trying to make mine looks like a sunflower.
Cindy's Rating: 9 (Food from Papa and Mama always has the highest ranking)

Stir-fried Egg Plant-

One of my favorite dishes from my mom,

Just by looking at the colors then you'll know the ones you get from Chinese restaurants suck so bad.

Cindy's Rating: 9

Lien Wu-Fruit that I cannot find here.

They know I love it, so they always have whole bunch of Lien Wu when I'm in Taiwan...

I miss my parents.....

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  1. i advertised you on my xanga just now... of course, they are compliments. so yeah.. dont be shocked when you have tons of visitors here. :) luv ya. call me so you dont feel as homesick as much.

    btw, i dunno why. .. i m never a big fan of msn space.. so i dont usually leave comments to pplz and you. but yeah, i check this one pretty much everyday.

    oh another BTW. call me so we can talk about fri plans :) cant wait !!!