Aug 1, 2007

Chillin' by the Pool

Curious about how much I ate at the bar-b-que last night?

I had four of those chicken thighs and drumsticks, along with two sausages-

We used seasoning salt to marinate the chicken, one simple and lazy way while holding a small bar-b-que.

Cindy's Rating: 5

Quick Fix Quesadilla-

That's not my mouth, no way I'll have hair around my lips.
And I didn't eat it, all the food I ate earlier is about to flow out of my mouth.

Cindy's Rating: ?

Sausage on the Bun with Fresh Salsa-


Cindy's Rating: 6

Now it's time for some scenic pictures-

Again, that's not my feet. I ain't no Big Foot!

Looking up while laying on the chair-

So relaxing, yet so fat.
I did swim a few laps just to make myself feel less guilty.
Does that help at all?...

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