Aug 17, 2007

TenRen or Tea Station?

This should be my favorite Chinese tea place with franchise throughout California.
TenRen (天仁) or Tea Station,
I've been so confused about their names.
Even though the menu, atmosphere, and store layout all looked similar, some called TenRen and some called Tea Station.
But who cares?
As long as the quality of my Osthmanthus Oolong Tea remains the same every time I visit the store-

Cindy's Rating: 8

Besides all the basic snacks you can find at a Chinese tea place, such as crispy chicken, fried fish balls, toast, etc,
Most of the TenRen/Tea Station also carry hot dishes such as Stir-Fried Udon-

Cindy's Rating: 7 (Based on the one in Rowland Heights)

Salty Sliced Pork with Dry Noodleds 碳香烏龍鹹豬肉乾麵-

Cindy's Rating: 6

They even have cheese cake with green tea powder-

Cindy's Rating: 5 (Tastes better with the whipped cream)

Their tea is like my savior during this burning summer season.
One good thing to carry me through until the snow comes.

Overall Rating: 7

Check their websites for stores near you:

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  1. Ten Ren is also my fav. I think I've been to the one in Rowland Heights. (my parents live in Walnut and we go visit twice a year)