Aug 29, 2007

Reunion with My Lovely Friend "Long Long"

"Long Long" (蓉蓉) is finally in LA!
Flew all the way from Taiwan to NY, and from NY to LA,
She's now on the soil of this sunshine state!

I haven't seen her for ages, ok, actually only a few months,
But it feels like forever since we haven't really talk to each other during this period,
No phone calls and no msn (which is one of my essential tool to communicate with the outside world).
That doesn't mean we're not close at all,
Good friends don't need to stick together 24/7 in order to be "connected!"

So as a food lover like me, what did I do when I first met her in LA?

Showed her some good food from Park's Bar B Que, (
Caught up with each other about what's going on these days,
And enjoyed every moment we had together.
Who knows when will be the next time I get see my big sister.

For sure I'll try to meet up with Long Long as often as I can during her stay in LA,
Maybe have her over at my place for a nice and warm homemade dinner,
Let's just cross fingers that she won't get scared after eating my food!
Or foodsick cz I just can't stop pushing food into her mouth.
I love sharing!


  1. 你們兩個都是美女耶

  2. 哈~講得我都不好意思了~

  3. wow, amazing pictures of Park's bbq! I've never eaten pork belly at a Korean bbq... **drool**

    thanks for sharing!