Aug 27, 2007

Haroo Tea House

I'm so glad that there's one more place to go for a few drinks,
What I mean drinks here = tea. Sorry for all the alcoholics out there.

Haroo Tea House-

I love their business card, which the actual street map was printed on it.
That makes everything easier for someone like me (I get lost about once every other week).

Green Tea Tangerine and Jasmine Pearl (I haven't pour the water yet)-

They have a wide selection of tea,
From Oolong to Earl Grey, from fruit tea to ice milk tea.
Not to mention those "functional" tea that will soothe your uncomfortableness when you are suffering from nausea, headache, pms, etc.


The place is cozy and spacious,
Unlike most of the boba tea places, Haroo seems more "peaceful," probably due to the lower noise level and more layback design.

How much I wish there's a nice tea place next to my neighborhood, with delicious dessert and wireless connection.
Am I asking too much?

Cindy's Rating: 7

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