Sep 26, 2007

Chocolat Roll from Hokkaido Festival ~ Mitsuwa Market Place

This is what I got from the Hokkaido Festival at Mitsuwa last weekend,
Everyday there was something special on sale,
Some cookies went from $1.89 to $1,
One big lunch box with 20 sushi costs less than $10,
They even had a live show of taking the whole tuna apart for sashimi.
In the area between the food court and the supermarket, there were some small stands,
They sold snacks, Japanese dango (snack balls mainly made of rice flour), cakes, tea, even seafood.
And I couldn't resist the temptation of getting this little cake-

It actually tastes pretty good,
Not too sweet, but yet pretty flavorful.
Especially the creamy part in the center,
I always eat around it and save the middle part last, then just swallow the whole thing at once.
Let's just pray that I can still buy it since the Hokkaido Festival had passed already.

Cindy's Rating: 6


  1. that looks "delicious"
    I want it I want it.

  2. To mrs.thepoint~
    Haha it's all in my stomach already!