Sep 18, 2007

KFC's Portuguese Egg Tart - 肯德基蛋塔

Gift from heaven!

My friend gave me about 15 egg tarts a week ago,
Don't even look down on them,
They flied all the way across the Pacific Ocean to my friend's place, and then into my hand.
What's the best thing I can do to show my appreciation?
Finish them all!

How much I wish that KFC here sells those goodies,
The one in Taiwan not only sells original flavored egg tart,
They also carries caramel latte and maple egg tarts.
Ahhhh, I'm craving for it again just talking about it,
Let me go grab another one!

Cindy's Rating: 9


  1. wow! in singapore, kfc only sells chicken and burgers! didnt know that they have egg tart! i hope i can try it some day! :)

  2. To Jaime-la-nouriture~

    Come visit Taiwan if you get a chance!
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. That looks freaking delicious.
    I have a bad habit, is...once I know how much "fatty" delicious ingredients in my bake goods. I will get so afraid to eat it.
    Eventually, I will make my husband to eat it.
    That is why he gain like 20 lbs since we got married. -_*''''

  4. I'm surprised they are from KFC. I would have expected something more like chicken pot tart or something..:O

  5. To mrs.thepoint~
    Ha I know how fat those goodies are too!
    But...once in a while~! We need to reward ourselves!

    To Tigerfish~
    Haha I never thought about that~!

  6. Egg tart is nice. Tried it few times but seemed to be different. Maybe different egg tarts selling in different places, some with the word, portuguese and some without. Fruity

  7. Glad you like it

    Rating 9 yea~~!

    Even though i didn't make the egg tart...still feel good to get a rating 9 from Cindy lol

  8. To Jack Burn~
    Thanks for the egg tarts~
    haha~don't use that name!