Sep 10, 2007

So This Is What I've Been Doing These Days

I haven't really update my blog for a while,
Where was I?
I was having lots of fun hanging out with Long Long, my lovely sista visiting from Taiwan.
Sadly, she's on the plane home at this moment,
I feel something's missing....don't know when I'll see her again...

During the past few days, we've been to Ventura, Hollywood, Orange County, and so on,
Here are some of the scenic pictures where we left our footprints on.

Huntington Beach-

Redondo Beach with Our Friend's Butt-

Getty Center-

Universal City Walk-

And of Course, One Giant Meal Everyday-

Girls Picture (Teresa, Me, Long Long)-

I wish you a safe flight home and hopefully I can see you in March.
Miss you!


  1. that is too wonderful life you have there

  2. To Mrs. Thepoint~
    Ha, now that my friends are gone,
    My life's back to normal.