Sep 14, 2007

Pink's Hot Dogs

What is it?

People lining up like a Chinese Great Wall for hot dogs?
Are you insane?
Not mentioning the end of the line is like way over there in the back of the parking lot.

One hour and ten minutes was the exact time where I first sat my foot on the parking lot, till my growling stomach received the first bite of heaven.
It might sound crazy, but Pink's Hot Dog is something that definitely worth waiting for.

Maybe I'm not persuasive enough, how can you trust a little food monger who said the hot dogs here are awesome,
So I found some back-ups on the wall to serve as my spokesperson-

Let me show you the food so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about-

Mullholland Drive Dog
(10 inches hot dog topped with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, nacho cheese and bacon),
The Planet Hollywood Dog
(Polish dog topped with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, bacon and cheese),
Chili Cheese Fries,
Onion Rings with homemade Bar B Q Sauce.

I don't think any ordinary dogs can beat that!
Especially the Polish dog, you can choose between regular or spicy, of course I picked the spicy one.
Man it was spicy, if Food Monger says it's spicy, it's fiery!

Pink's Hot Dogs has been in the business since 1939,
I wasn't even born yet,
Despite the time has changed, I believe the flavor just getting better and better,
Come try it yourself!

What? You don't wanna stand in the line for hot dogs?
Just stop by either early in the morning (after 9:30 a.m.) or late at night (around 2 or 3 a.m.),
You might be lucky finding yourself waiting for less than 30 minutes for these goodies.

Overall Rating: 8

Pink's Hot Dogs
709 N. La Brea Blvd (Intersection: Melrose and N. La Brea Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 931-4223


  1. Some people say this place is overrated. I tell these people, "You're crazy." The lines are usually long, but the wait is never TOO long for one of these babies :) I agree w/ your rating! This is a place where I always take out-of-towners who are visiting me when I'm in LA.

  2. more than an hr wait.... hmm.... have to try this place when i go to LA on October...

  3. Pink's SUCKS! I was in California on vacation and made a trip to Pink's. What did I get for my 90 minute wait in line??? FOOD POISONING! I was sick as heck for 3 days--with lingering affects after that. Even worse, the food wasnt that good. Low grade hot dogs with chili---nothing more than you could do at home on your own.

  4. To Krizia~
    I brought so many friends there already,
    It's a fun place for people from other places to see!

    To Docchef~
    It's fun,
    There's always something interesting around the neighborhood,
    Last time I saw people shooting a film or something while I was in the line for some hot dogs!

    To Anonymous~
    Sorry about your food poisoning,
    Sometimes I go to Pink's not only for its food,
    Just the atmosphere, it's so "hollywood," so "LA-like,"
    It's a fun place to go!

  5. Hey Anonymous #1 - I also got FOOD POISONING at Pink's! I went there in October 2008 on a Friday evening. Woke up in the wee hours of Saturday morning with a terrible case of food poisoning. Couldn't leave my hotel room for 2 days, and was weak and not quite right for 2-3 days after that. I informed Pink's and the owner was nice as can be - offered me free Pink's for life and apologized over and over. But she said I was the only person who reported such a thing - that night, or really ever. I have not been able to bring myself to eat a hotdog since, never mind a chilidog. It was not very good food in the first place - I leftover 1/5 of my dog and was unimpressed.

  6. The last 2 anonymous are cry babies. I've been eating at Pink's since infancy and I have never experienced food poisoning from eating their food. If you're in town try it. It's the ultimate Hollywood experience. If you don't like it i'm sure the millions they've served won't miss you. If it's good enough for every crew Tom Hanks has ever worked with it's good enough for me.

  7. I ate at pinks in Planet hollywood in Las Vegas and Got food poisoning as well. I was sick for a day and a half.

  8. I was at pinks at planet hollywood in vegas got food poisening 8am I started to puke and get the other stuff was down for 2 days my trip or vacation was ruined. Pinks needs to watch what heir employees are doing, I'll never eat there again.

  9. To Anonymous~
    Sorry to hear that. Hope if anyone from Pink's ever see this post, they'll do something to improve the situation.

    Get well soon!