Dec 17, 2007

End of My Snowboarding Season

I'm not working today!

How much I wish I can hurray for a day off work..
But unfortunately,
I was hurt while attempting a jump yesterday in Mountain High,
Here's what happened to my butts-

I would love to post a real picture here,
But sorry, my blog should be open to all ages instead of a R-rated not so good porno site.
The pinkish parts are the swollen areas,
The brown lines are the medication wraps that my chiropractor put on me.
Please note that there're bruises behind the wraps.

So the story goes,
As I went up to the slope, flying in the air,
I fell on my butts, on the hard packed snow.
The first thing in my head was I should move out of the way as soon as I can,
You don't wanna see other snowboarders slashing me off from behind...
But....easier said than done,
I couldn't move at all, so I just laid there....speechless...
I can also felt a tear rolling down from the corner of my eye...

Who is it?
A tall young man showed up in front of me,
For a moment I thought he is God.
Trevor? His name is Trevor.
He blocked out everybody in front of the slope and called for help,
My savior.
Later on he told me that he snowboards full time now, trying to get a sponsorship.
I didn't tell him this,
But if one day he succeed, I'll be his number one fan.
Countless thanks to him.

There're also few other people that I'm thankful of,
The guy who dragged me down to the base with a sleigh,
(I got my sleigh ride for the X'mas already..),
3 young men who helped to block other snowboarders,
People on the lift asking if I need ski patrol,
And my friends who were there with me.

So what did the chiropractor said?
He looked at my X-ray...found out that the end of my tail bone went inward...
I'm very frustrated here...don't wanna write about it...
Frustrates me more..

After all,
Does snowboard makes me happy still?
Yeah of course!
But in a very painful way.
Until the next season..


  1. Sorry to hear about that. Have a speedy recovery and the next snowboard season will be there somewhere waiting for you :)

  2. To Tigerfish~
    Thank You so much,
    What a life time experience for me here...
    Thank you, thank you.

  3. Are you sure you don't want to send me a real picture of the bruised area? I'm dumb, I don't understand the drawing! :-D haha

    Anyway that sucks! Hope you're feeling better and that you'll be back on a snowboard in no time! If I was there I would offer you a massage... But wait...errr maybe you don't want a massage down there! Hehe

  4. To Zen Chef~
    Haha I don't wanna scary you with my pictures!
    (Your X'mas might turn into Halloween!)
    Good news is that the other doctor thinks that I might still be able to go snowboard this season, all depends on how fast I recover though~
    Thank you so much for concerning about my butts!

  5. I can't imagine how painful that must be! Have a speedy recovery and Merry Christmas!

  6. To Mandy~
    Thank you so much,
    I think I'm getting way better now under the care of two chiropractors,
    Hopefully I can go snowboard again soon!

  7. made me think it was your front, not your behind until I read further on :P
    I hope you get a speedy recovery!

  8. Wow. That sounds really painful.
    I am horrible at getting off of lifts and once I fell and landed on my binding... in a place you never want a binding to go.
    Yours is a cooler story, i just found like a nerd.

  9. To I love pearly~
    Haha I was kinda hesitated about posting that drawing because of the same reason,
    But oh well,
    It makes a better explanation for my injury!

    To Steph~
    Ouch, that hurts!
    Getting off the lift is always a tricky part of snowboard.
    We shall conquer it!