Dec 12, 2007

Tiny X'mas Presents for Everyone

Last Saturday night I was at my company's X'mas potluck gathering.
And here's the story,
Few days prior to the event,
My boss was trying to give me a heads up by telling me what's going on during last year's party.

Here's what she said:
Last year everyone got a little present from the company,
Besides that,
Some other people will also prepare a little gift for everyone,
You don't have to do that,
I'm just telling you the situation.

What's on my mind:
Of course I'll have to get something for everyone after she mentioned it to me,
It's almost like a hint, telling me that I should do it,
It's like a cloud over my shoulder,
You're not required to, but you'd better be!

Since it's such a short notice, there's no way I can make something with my bare hands,
Another solution, let's go to the mall!
Glad that I found something people will like for sure-

Small box of Godiva (1 milk chocolate and 1 dark chocolate) with a cute little name tags.
(This is just 1/3 of the chocolates, there's more outside of the camera!)

So the potluck begins,
Everyone had a blast,
My coworkers like the chocolate boxes I prepared for them (what a relief).
I really don't mind buying presents for my coworkers,
They've been really nice to me since my first day of work.

What's even better?
This is what I got from my boss, my X'mas present, every girl in the company got one-

I just assigned a new duty for this little guy,
Guard my earrings with your life!

The whole potluck gathering was a success,
And I got to say bye bye to Tigger Clause on the way home-

Looking forward to the "real" company X'mas dinner this Saturday.
*Yes we have two X'mas dinner.


  1. Where is MY box of chocolate?

  2. To Zen Chef~

    0(^___^)/ I###I

    Imagine I'm flying a box of chocolate across the States!

  3. sweet?
    I would love it.

  4. I also got those box of chocolate on Christmas dinner for people, it's a nice wrapped small box of chocolate.

  5. To Mrs. Thepoint~

    Haha yeah,
    It was nice,
    One of my coworker's daughter also made a X'mas themed door stop for everyone.

    To I love pearly~

    They're such a nice little presents right?
    I love the decor they put on the top!