Dec 6, 2007

Monland Hot Pot City - 蒙羊火鍋城

The weather's getting cold these days,
Which means......
It's time for SNOWBOARD!!!!!!!!
Ok ok,
Besides that,
It's also the time for some hot pots!!!!!!!
(I'm only that excited when it comes to snowboard and food...)

Monland Hot Pot City's Menu-

They have three different bases for hot pot:
Natural (white), hot (red), and wild mushroom.
There's also a charge of $3.50 per person for those bases.

$3.50 sounds reasonable,
So you've picked the bases you want,
Then the next thing is to pick which ever ingredients you like for the pot.

Some of the selections including (the normal stuff):
Pork, beef, lamb, cabbage, mushrooms, dumplings
Not so normal stuff for most of the ethnicity besides Asians:
Intestine, pork blood, periwinkle meat, and black fungus.

Sounds delicious to you?

Inside the restaurant-

My half red and half white hot pot bases-

Monland uses a lot of Chinese medicinal herbs for their bases,
You can see things like medlar, jujube, garlic, dried chilies, and ginseng in the soup.

The longer you have the soup on the stove, the spicier it gets.

What I ordered-

I did ordered some "not so normal" stuff to go along with my pot,
See if your eyes are good enough to spot them out,
Give you a hint,
There's one plate with orange colored stuff on the right next to the noodles and vegetables,
Can you tell what is that?

So overall,
The food is not bad, but it didn't really meet my expectation.
I remember I had something similar in Rowland Heights and it tastes better than Monland.
The service wasn't that great either,
My friend and I waited so long when we asked for bowls and napkins.
Plus I was kind of uneasy eating the food at my own paste,
How can you eat peacefully when there are like 10 people standing behind you with hungry stomach....

Overall Rating: 5

Monland Hot Pot City 蒙羊火鍋城
251 West Bencamp Street
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 289-4889


  1. Oh, I'm trying similar kind of soup bases here in Taiwan. I like the "white" herbal ones.

  2. To Tigerfish~
    I always have mind medium spicy.
    If I eat hot pot with my parents,
    Oh my,
    They always order super spicy for the pot.

  3. I went to that place twice.. i had a very bad experience on my last trip there... It isn't that clean compare to Little fat sheep.. i wouldn't go there again.. overall, i would say it's very hard to find a decent hot pot place in LA...

  4. To Dennis~
    Just like what I mentioned,
    The one in Rowland was better.
    The service is better in Rowland too, which is very important to me.

  5. Wow...that menu looks like a Sudoku game!!

  6. To Zen Chef~
    Haha I've never thought about that!