Dec 26, 2007

Stir Fry Noodles with Shacha Sauce - 沙茶炒麵

It's been a long long time since I last updated my blog,
Where have I been for the past few days?
(Yes, I do feel guilty that I didn't update my blog for only a few days)
I went to Mammoth Lakes for for Christmas break,
That means I can snowboard again after my tail bone injury?
I tried to snowboard for 2 hours and the pain in my butts started to creep into my whole body,
Then I spent the rest of the time in the hotel, mostly alone.
Oh well,
Let's talk about that later,
Come and see what I just cooked after this long, tiring trip,
Something fast and easy,
Something that will surely pump up my long lost energy.

Stir Fry Noodles with Shacha Sauce-

Ingredients (For about 5 portions)?

Stir fry noodles 乾油麵 (4 bundles)
2 boneless and skinless chicken thighs (sliced)
5 chicken meat balls 雞肉丸 (sliced)
1 small carrot (sliced)
5 shitake mushrooms (sliced)
1 cup of yellow bean sprouts 黃豆芽
2 cups of bak choy 青江菜 (stemmed)
1/2 onion (sliced)
Fresh chilies
Soy sauce
Shacha sauce (Chinese barbecue sauce)
Extra virgin olive oil


Let's marinate the chicken slices first,
Simply drizzle some soy sauce and about 1 tablespoon of mirin over the meat,
Give it a "massage," set aside.

Let's go ahead and cut all the vegetables and the meat balls into slices,
After this step,
We can start preparing the noodles.
You can find the yellow colored stir fry noodles in any Asian grocery stores,
Just prepare them according to the instruction on the package.
Usually what I'll do is simply cook them in boiling water for about 5 minutes, or al dente,
*Yeah, al dente works for Asian noodles too!
Drain them well and set aside.
It'll be wonderful if the sauce is ready right after the noodles are cooked,
A perfect timing can prevent your noodles from sticking together while waiting for the sauce.
We don't wanna see mushy noodles on the plate.

As for the sauce,
Drizzle some olive oil in a deep frying pan,
Toss in the onions and sliced scallion together with 1 tablespoon of salt,
Cook till the onions turned translucent or slightly browned on the edges.
Toss in the chilies and cook for a little bit longer, about 10 seconds.

Add the chicken along with about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 4 tablespoons of Shacha sauce.
Cook for 2 minutes,
Toss in the sliced chicken balls, give it a quick stir.
Toss in the vegetables,
I always throw in the carrot early because I like it soft,
Personal preference.
Now lets add about 1 cup of hot water and keep cooking.

Before adding the drained noodles,
Taste the mixture first,
See if you need more soy sauce, water, Shacha sauce, even chilies,
I always add more shacha sauce in the end,
I am a true Shacha sauce lover, the more the merrier.

Blend the noodles with the sauce,
Served with chopped scallion.

With so many kinds of vegetables in this meal,
I can feel my energy is gradually coming back already.
Cindy's Rating: 7


  1. Cindy, just got your comment, you are always too funny. OK, here comes your two bowls of white rice!!! LOL.

    By the way, Shacha noodles sounds like a great idea and creative! I have some leftover in my fridge, have to try it out!! Yum.

  2. It looks delicious!
    Keep eating yummy food like this and your butt will heal in no time... trust me, i'm a chef! :-)

  3. hey, you better recover completely before starting to snowboard again.
    For me, the last ski season left me with purple toes/toenails for one year! :O

    Never tried Sacha sauce before. Maybe I could try buying one bottle to try in Taiwan. There are so many available here, from what I can see.

  4. To Rasa Malaysia~
    Thanks for the rice, now I can start munching on your yummy curry!

    To Zen Chef~
    Haha I only know that if I keep eating, I'll have more cusion on the bottom.
    I won't feel any pain if I fall in the future!

    To Tigerfish~
    Wow, what happened? you got too cold before?
    By the way, they have spicy Shacha sauce in the store, very spicy, very good!

  5. Love Shacha sauce! This noodle looks yummy!

  6. To Eileen~
    Thank you thank you!
    I already finished half of the noodles already...
    (total portion is about 5 big plates..)