May 1, 2007

Food Poisoning

Ok, I've been laying on my bed the whole day,
Cz the bad chicken I ate yesterday.
I had the same symptom last Saturday, which was the day after ISA bonfire.
Suspect: Chicken.

Later on I made some fried rice with those suspicious chicken,
I didn't want to throw them away, thinking that by cooking them more than 10 mins should do the trick,
Apparently not, the day after I ate the fried rice, my illness came back.
Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy and I couldn't get rid of this puking feeling.

I finally got up from my bed, went downstairs with my frustration,
I threw all the fried rice away, only that yummy stir-fried noodles left.
Standing alone in my fridge.
Final words, I still ate some noodles, not the leftover one,
I ate the one I cooked with soup base, along with some chicken (good ones!) and Common Yam Rhizome (山藥)

See. I can still eat even though I was sick.
I even ate a chocolate chip cookie afterwards.
What can I do? I was hungry.

Here's my buddy that gone through the whole uncomfortable stages with me this morning:

Smart Water-

And the label says-

The back of the label-

Cindy's Rating: 10 You can't live without water.

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