Oct 20, 2007

Baked Chicken with Rosemary and Tomatoes

One easy and light dish to start out my weekend-


3 boneless chicken thighs
6 Roman tomatoes
3 Rosemary stems
White wine
Extra virgin oil oil
Freshly ground black pepper


Let's put our chicken on a big plate first.
Sprinkle some salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken,
Pour about 3 tablespoons of wine,
Then put 3 stems of rosemary on top of each chicken fillets.
Transfer to the fridge overnight.

The next day,
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
And take out the chicken one hour before cooking.

Prepare two pots of water.
Bring one of them into a boil; and put ice cubes into another.
Toss in the tomatoes in the boiling pot for 1 or 2 minutes,
Drain the tomatoes and transfer them to the second pot.
Peel the skin in the cold water.

Take the tomatoes out, chop them in half.
Pour them over the marinated chicken,
Sprinkle more salt and pepper, along with some chopped parsley.
Don't forget to put about 1 tablespoon of butter on each chicken fillet.
This will keep the chicken nice and moist.

Into the oven for about 35 minutes,
Turn the oven to broil for browning the skin, so we'll have some crunchiness to munch on.
Few more minutes and it's done.

Remove the chicken from the oven.
Let it sit for at least 10 minutes,
Don't cut it right away otherwise all that work for getting a juicy and tender meat will be futile.

Sprinkle with more chopped parsley before serving.

Cindy's Rating: 6


  1. That dish looks really tasty - I just made grilled chicken with red pepper sauce, and your dish seems like a great alternative to it.


  2. To Oliver~
    This dish is really easy to make, and not that many dishes to wash.
    Perfect choice for me on this lazy Saturday morning.

    Thank you for the comment!

  3. What a great dish! I am preparing it now for tomorrow dinner! Thanks for sharing!

  4. To anh~
    Thank you! Let me know if you like it or not after dinner!

  5. It must be a tasty dish.
    Unfortunately I don't like tomatoes much. But rosemary and baked chicken sounds just delicious.

  6. Look simple and delicious!
    I should try this soon.

  7. To mrs. thepoint~
    Ha so you don't like tomatoes?
    I have a fear for green peppers!

    To Eileen~
    Hey! Glad that everything's getting back on track there now!
    Take care there!