Oct 21, 2007

Lust , Caution - 色 。戒

Wow, I can't even remember when's the last time I wrote a post for movie reviews,
I guess I just didn't watch anything worth writing for the past few months.

Lust . Caution 色 。戒-

Another masterpiece from Ang Lee,
I'm so proud of him! (saying that without any hesitation)
He can always bring the most subtle things to life,
The way he sets up the scenes, the tempo of the stories, and the cinematography just make me speechless.

Lust . Caution is based on a short novel written by Chang, Eileen,
A famous Chinese writer during 20th century.

During World War II, Japanese government tried to take over China,
Many Chinese spy groups have been formed.
Their purpose is clear,
Find out who are the Japanese collaborators and kill them all,
So that the Chinese can claim their country back.

The main storyline builds around the mission of assassinating Mr. Yee, a Japanese collaborator;
Along with the "lust and caution" between him and Wong Chia Chi, a college student that carries on the duty of reaching that goal.

It is important to understand the history background in order to better appreciate the movie,
Plus all the different dialects used throughout the film makes it an even harder task for a perfect translation.
I'm not surprised that the reviews for Lust . Caution in America are not quite as well,
But from my point of view,
It's truly a masterpiece.

Go watch it!

Cindy's Rating: 8

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