Oct 29, 2007

Ondal - Another Place for Korean Crab Dishes

My friend recommended me this place last week.
Ondal, another place to indulge yourself with yummy Korean crab dishes.

But I didn't agree with my friend's recommendation right away..
-Me: Crab? I don't wanna get my hands dirty...
-Friend: No worries, they'll do it for you.
-Me: Really?! Let's go!
See how lazy I was? Or always?

Where we sat-

I guess that little character on the door serves as Ondal's symbol.
Look for it if you decided to give this place a try,
Their sign on the street has giant Korean letters with small English name "Ondal,"
It'll be an easier task if you can just look for that little guy while searching for the place.


I have my goal set on that spicy crab stew.

But let's start with banchan first-

Round One-

All the goodies from a crab are all in the soup now.

They will also put together this dish for you-

Steamed rice and veggies dipped with spicy soup,
Served on top of the crab shell.
Round Two. Soo Jae Bi-

The waitress torn the dough apart with bare hands,
Made the dough into little pieces, just like a thicker dumpling skin,
Dumped in the soup and cooked for about 3 minutes.
It's really delicious,
How can you resist the dough with perfect chewy texture, especially after absoring all the flavors from the soup,

Round Three . Fried Rice-

So the cute Korean uncle scooped out the soup and made fried rice in the pot,
I'm telling you,
You have to come here and try it yourself,
Korean people really know how to make awesome fried rice!
Very satisfied.
Overall Rating: 7

3160 W. 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 382-8844


  1. **droool** amazing pictures!! imma put this place on my "To-Eat" list and look for the little character :)

    what did ya have for round 4?

    thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. wow~~~you're eating exactly like how they eat it over here in Korea ^__^ ahhh~~~so delicous isn't it?!! i miss eating with you and your exquisite taste! =P

  3. To Henry~
    I tried to leave comments on your site a few times,
    But it always asked me to become a member,

    To the happy eatter~
    Girl I miss you!

  4. that looks so delicious
    they offer sooooooo many side dish.
    is that restaurant expensive?

    Just wondering

  5. To mrs. thepoint~
    The medium spicy crab stew is $63, and it feeds 6 people,
    So I'll say overall it should be around $12 per person,
    Not a bad deal huh?